Can't hug them, can empower them - help mums in crisis this strange Mother's Day

MKM20190513121001.jpgIt's feels weird, right? Like, sure, we've all started to adapt to lockdown life, as much as it's driving us crazy - but a Mother's Day without hugs in every direction? That just seems wrong!

But is motherhood always as as big and warm and safe as a hug?

Of course we want it to be.

Every mother deserves to be surrounded by love and care - to thrive in motherhood, and to love and care for her baby.   

But across Australia, pregnant women and new mums are cut off from that vital support. 

No, not because of the pandemic - but make no mistake, this is a crisis. And we need your help to change it. 

MKM20190513121757.jpgBefore the COVID-19 crisis hit, we'd never been so busy at Babes, working with women at all our centres, and remotely across Australia.  

Pregnant women seek us out for a simple reason – they are overwhelmed, and under-supported.

Expectations, fears, criticisms from friends and family, and too often violence from an intimate partner – it all stands in the way of a woman feeling comfortable and confident in her motherhood, no matter how determined she is to be a mother. 

And in our ever-connected world, vulnerable women have never felt so disconnected from communities that should be supporting them. 

Our unique perinatal programs, and close networks with service providers, help women feel confident and empowered in their parenting, and form safe connections in their community.

Most importantly, The Babes Project participants develop trust in our dedicated team of Pregnancy Support Workers – a vital emotion for any new mother’s resilience, and one that has too often been damaged or destroyed in negative relationships, as far back as childhood.

Providing that ongoing and trust-building connection is tough in the current pandemic - but it's never easy. 

Keeping the doors open at our centres is vital, ensures that growing numbers of vulnerable pregnant women and new mothers always know where to turn to for help.  

That's why this year we launched our campaign 1 Million for Mums. And COVID-19 hasn't deterred us. 

Don't let the current crisis make life even worse for women who need our help more than ever. 

This Mother's Day, we can't give hugs - but we can change lives.

Please donate to 1 Million for Mums and know you're standing against a crisis that impacts for generations to come.