A beautiful impact


The Babes Project has always had a wonderful tribe of supporters and yet again you've joined us to make a huge impact on the lives of the women needing support during the Perinatal period. Our recent "Equip a Mum" campaign was an overwhelming success. Thank you friends. You're just the best.


Every woman who is a part of our program gets a nappy bag in her third trimester as she plans for childbirth. Not only does she get a beautiful gift of the essentials for hospital, we also use it as a tool to teach about what she can expect.

And after she gives birth to her little one we take a basket full of goodies for her and bub when we visit for the first time.  


With our recent expansion we knew we needed a major call out to supporters to help restock these items. And the response was amazing! 

Both our Hubs are now fully stocked AND our big storeroom is full! We are quite literally overflowing with your kindness. 


So it's a massive thank you from us.
Thank you for wanting to help.
Thank you for giving so generously.
And thank you for believing that our women deserve something lovely as her life changes so dramatically.
You have made such a beautiful impact. x