Our Program

The Babes Project works with women who are seeking additional support during pregnancy. Delivered by trained volunteers our program offers holistic support by:

  • assisting women to address challenging circumstances and engage with other healthcare and supporting agencies,
  • providing workshops where she can learn life skills and baby care, and
  • allowing her the space to begin to plan a different future for her family.

While participating in The Babes Project, women have access to our midwives and can apply for other programs including material aid and labour support.

There are no age restrictions to The Babes Project's services and we accept self referrals in addition to referrals from family, friends, other support and/or government agencies and hospitals. Due to high demand for our service, we only accept referrals for women who are willing to engage in our program.

"Evidence is accumulating that human beings of all ages are happiest and able to deploy their talents when they are confident that, standing behind them, there are one or more trusted persons who will come to their aid should difficulties arise." (Bowlby 2011)