Someone you know is pregnant

Do you know someone who is pregnant and you feel like she needs some extra support?

If she is a friend or family member it can feel like you don't know the right thing to say or even the right direction to point her in.  The Babes Project can be a great place to start.

If she is a client you might find that the support you can provide is limited within the context of your service and you know she needs someone who knows about pregnancy and parenting to come alongside her and provide support as she transitions into motherhood. The Babes Project can do just that.

At The Babes Project she will find a safe space to explore what her future looks like while being supported throughout her pregnancy. There will be opportunities to ask questions, make plans for her family's future and learn how to be a great mother.

Check out more about our program and then if you feel like The Babes Project might be helpful for your friend or client, please get her consent to make a referral using the referral form. Once the form is received, we will call you to chat further about your needs.