You Are Pregnant

Okay, so sometimes pregnancy is unexpected and it’s the last thing you imagine will happen to you. Right?

Or maybe you planned your pregnancy, but things just aren’t turning out as you had expected.

So when we’re feeling a little (or even hugely) anxious about being pregnant, it is totally okay to feel like we need some extra love and care and maybe a huge dose of support. Or even just someone to have a cry with.

Because motherhood is huge. And it can be wonderful. But yes, it’s totally fine to feel overwhelmed. 

The Babes Project is here to help you on your way. We love meeting women and helping them to navigate their pregnancy and early months of parenting. We are here to help it not feel so scary. 

Check out more about our program and, if you feel like The Babes Project might be helpful for you just contact us below. Please include your name, age, and phone number and we'll have someone contact you within a few working days. 

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