The Babes Project began with one story. Now many stories begin with The Babes Project.

Founder Helen Parker was confronted with her own experience of crisis pregnancy and found little support available to her, inspiring the beginning of the organisation in 2009, "I just needed someone to tell me that I could be a parent, and then show me how to do it."

The Babes Project is changing the way Australians approach crisis pregnancy by supporting women in the perinatal period.

By addressing challenges and allowing space for her to create a future for herself and her children, we have seen women thrive in their early parenting, leading to positive outcomes for their family.

We believe motherhood is an adventure. There will be mountains and valleys, but the journey can be amazing.

She will love her child fiercely and pursue the best for them always.

The Babes Project is here to help her do that. We will encourage women on their journey, no matter the circumstances.

"The Babes Project is a safe place with supportive people who listen and have passion for helping mothers succeed."
- Client in 2015