The Babes Project loves and values our volunteers. Because of the nature of the work we do, we take much care in building a team of individuals who are passionate and deeply committed to the organisation.

We open volunteer intake twice a year for a variety of roles - one at the start of the year and then another intake every August. All application information will be available on our website during those times. We do not take volunteers outside of these intake periods.

You sure can! But it's best to firstly check out the info on Our Program to see if they might be eligible, or give us a call on 1300 140 212

Actually, we have been overwhelmed by this request and found it to be distracting everyone from their work with women, so we no longer have “visitors” to any of our spaces.  We believe in creating “safe spaces” for women which means providing a space which is relaxing and calm, without being disrupted by people and meetings.

Unfortunately we don't take second hand items for a few reasons:

1. We need to have people working to sort and check items as bigger baby items need to be checked against Australian Standards. Then if they don't meet those standards we have to cover the cost of disposal.

2. We are not insured for the distribution of second hand items for similar reasons. 

3. We don't invest in large storage spaces so don't have the capacity to keep in stock. 

4. Other organisations focus on just second hand items so they are insured and have excellent processes because this is their main focus.

5. We give out new items as a part of our program - because a lot of our women don't get much new for their babies so it's really lovely to give them new items and to be able to use these as tools for educating. 

You can request a consultation with one of our Executive Team by emailing [email protected].  Upon enquiry we will inform you of the options and fee structure.

Our Founder Helen Parker and some of our team are available to speak at events. Send an enquiry through to info@thebabesproject for more information.

We love students but unfortunately we can't offer placement or "follow through" opportunities. We are inundated with these requests and don't feel it's appropriate given the vulnerability of the women we work with.

The Babes Project exists and operates independently of the choice debate and is committed only to providing the best Perinatal support for women.