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Empowering and supporting women in their pregnancy and early parenting.

Rewriting Motherhood

Every woman needs support, knowledge and an understanding ally to thrive in her motherhood. The Babes Project empowers new mamas to face the fears, tears and challenges, through pregnancy and the first crucial year of baby’s life.

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The Babes Project works with women facing crisis and challenging pregnancies. Our proven perinatal program is delivered by trained and experienced volunteers.

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Expectant Mother


Individual appointments and group activities, vital goods to prepare for baby's arrival, advocacy to health care and other agencies

Baby Book


Hands-on and practical preparation for birth and parenting, facilitated by experienced professionals

Holding Hands

line3Brighter Futures

One-on-one practical planning sessions to help new mamas visualise and achieve the family life they want


Jackie's Story

“Everyone’s capable of being strong. I used to think everything was impossible, but nothing’s impossible now.”

Before her pregnancy, Jackie's life was spiralling, as toxic relationships and habits undermined her health, and her happiness. With the support of The Babes Project, the determined young woman quit drugs and had little Cleo, despite tough circumstances.

“I couldn’t have turned my life around for anything else, but everything is worth it for her.”

Stories From Our Blog

Recognising our fabulous people

May 18, 2020

Babes Team July 2019. Photo by Miranda Mayle “Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.” – Helen Dyer There has never been any doubt here at The Babes Project, that our power...

Amidst the crisis, help us write a better future

May 13, 2020

Over the past ten years at The Babes Project, one of the most important things we have learnt about pregnancy and motherhood is that every family and parenting story is unique. And wow, hard to think of a tougher time to start that story.  But even in the face of...

Can't hug them, can empower them - help mums in crisis this strange Mother's Day

May 09, 2020

It's feels weird, right? Like, sure, we've all started to adapt to lockdown life, as much as it's driving us crazy - but a Mother's Day without hugs in every direction? That just seems wrong! But is motherhood always as as big and warm and safe as a hug? Of...

Rewriting Motherhood Book

We Wrote a Book!

The Babes Project's Rewriting Motherhood book was launched in Queen's Hall of Parliament House on Wednesday 10th May and it was amazing!

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