Help at hand as Emma answers the call


ANSWERING THE CALL: Emma Enticott is Babes' Triage and Interstate Support Worker, making our new national phone service possible.  

She’s been a calm queen of the birthing suite for more than 13 years, but Melbourne midwife Emma Enticott is determined to help new mothers beyond labour, too.

A dedicated volunteer with Babes the past two years, Emma is now a force for transformation at the frontline, as we expand our service nationally this week!

So what better time to hear from Emma about her journey with mamas, and about how she's approaching being a support for pregnant women right across Australia.

“I was a nurse before I was a midwife, and I really found my niche in the labour ward, working with women and families at such a significant time in their lives,” Emma explains.

“I think I started out a bit naïve, that if the birth experience was positive, that would set up strong connection and parenting – but it’s not always so simple.”

“There’s so much more that can work against new mothers feeling confident and supported – and Babes has given me the chance to work in that space, too.”

Emma's role as Triage and Interstate Support Worker means she's the first port of call when overwhelmed, anxious and vulnerable women reach out for help from Babes - and she's the link to coordinating ongoing phone support, advice, and recommendations and referrals for local service providers, as well as provision of baby goods.

As she answering the triage phone, Emma has the challenging role of assessing first-time callers, and ensuring they get the right advice and encouragement in the toughest of times.  

“You have to build rapport quickly over the phone, and provide that safe space for a woman to share with someone they’ve never met – it’s definitely a privilege to be on the end of the phone,” Emma says.

“I’ve definitely been amazed – and relieved - by how much people will share with a stranger, and I’ve learnt to ask more direct and better questions, because they are there wanting to be honest in that moment of need.”


HERE FOR YOU: Emma shares her passion for helping new mamas with fellow Babes volunteer Annie. 

Mum to 11-year-old Kai, Emma also works at Dandenong Hospital, and said supporting the multicultural local community had given her diverse experience with new mums.

“So often, pregnancy and parenting isn’t something that people are prepared for or equipped for – and without support, the outcomes for new mothers really could be awful, and the children are vulnerable to that as well.”

“I love being part of something that’s making a difference at such a crucial time, and working with new mums’ to help their experience be so much more positive, and something that they’re really proud of, too.”

So Emma's by the phone and waiting - but Babes' expansion nationally, and our vision to offer support to all women facing crisis pregnancy in Australia, can't happen without you. 

Please share our triage hotline (1300 140 212), our Facebook and Instagram pages, and our determination to transform the motherhood experience for all women. 

And of course, you can help us help women by contributing on our donate page. 

Big thanks to Emma, and to all of our dedicated volunteers, supporters, and Babes leaders, for getting us this far - we can't wait to take the next big steps for all Australian women!