Nanas supporting New Mums


Our 'New Mums and Nanas' Program is a new frontier of intergenerational connection and support. At fortnightly lunches, The Babes Project's voluntary 'Nanas' sit down with our new mothers and form the community so many young families lack, especially vulnerable ones. Women and their children thrive best when encouragement and knowledge can be shared across generations. Our Nanas love baking cakes, holding babies so Mum can eat, and connecting with the next generation of mothers. This groundbreaking model of perinatal support has shown to be a positive experience not only for our new mothers, but our Nanas too!

We're always looking for new nanas and would love you to be involved. To register your interest in this program please email [email protected]

"It's a privilege to work alongside the Babes team to help the young women and their babies. The lunches are lovely and I enjoy listening to and chatting with the mums about parenting while we have unch together. It really is a special environment and I look forward to my time at the lunches every fortnight." - Babes Nana