Save Babes Frankston: "I would always be welcomed"

With only 2 days until the end of our Save Babes Frankston campaign, one of our woman tells her story. Hear from Danielle how vital The Babes Project was to her journey into motherhood.

When Danielle came to The Babes Project two weeks before her due date, feeling guarded and broken, she felt she’d found her safe place.

“I was just really in a vulnerable position. I was dealing with a bit of depression and anxiety, and lots of feelings surrounding the pregnancy with Parkah."


“Walking into Babes felt quite refreshing - I was kind of walking in a bit guarded, a bit broken and I remember sitting down and just feeling like I could let my guard down. Babes feels like you can go to them in any season which I obviously appreciated a lot. I would always be welcomed regardless of what's going on.”

For Danielle, motherhood is ‘such a blur’, with not much sleep, but she finds gratification in the moments when “you see your hard work in front of you in your children.”

The reward is in seeing her daughter Parkah “just be the person that she is, and knowing that I've worked damn hard to get her there... I put in everything for them in everything that I do. Everything that I am is for my two girls.”

When it comes to the future, Danielle says, “I’m scared as hell but... I think it's okay to be a bit scared. One thing that I'll always remember is walking in and having Babes remind me that it's okay to not have it all together and you need to consider yourself in all of this as well… It is positive but I also know that it's not going to be rainbows and lollipops every day.

With the support of Babes, Danielle feels equipped to handle the days without rainbows and lollipops. 

“Thinking back to how I was feeling when I was pregnant with Parkah, it was an extremely emotional time for me and I just remember thinking that I have no-one around me. The day that I came here and met Babes and I knew that I'd be coming back to see them... it was just nice to know that no matter what was happening in between those visits that I would still, there would still be something at the end of that.”

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All images by Miranda Mayle Photography