Save Babes Frankston: "Babes helped me see what I could achieve"

Growing up being raised by her Grandma, Courtney had created a picture of the family life she wanted to provide when she had kids.

“Grandma had taken us on when we were really young, and having her in my life helped me realise how someone should be treated, that everyone should feel valued and loved,” she says.

“When I found out I was pregnant, mentally I wasn’t well, and my life wasn’t at a stage where I was sure I could be a good Mum, that sent me to a pretty dark place.”

A friend recommended The Babes Project early in her pregnancy, and Courtney felt her feelings shift.

“I felt so young - I wanted the baby but I absolutely felt not ready!” she says.

“I had a lot of goals and aspirations I wanted to fulfil, I’d just done my Diploma and wanted to go onto Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, so I was very deflated not being able to achieve those things.”

“I talked about that with Babes, how I felt disappointed and wanted better for myself, and they helped me to see what I could do, how I could achieve things even though having a baby means it takes it longer.”

Babes is here to give hope to every young mum feeling overwhelmed. 

Will you be here for her too? Help us Save Babes Frankston

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Partnering this International Women's Day


On 8 March, individuals and organisations around the world will recognise the many achievements of women across industries and countries. There will be morning teas, speeches and awards, providing opportunities for us to learn more about our communities and the people who keep them running. 

Of course, International Women’s Day (IWD) is more than a celebration; its history is grounded in the quest for gender equality. This year’s theme, #ChoosetoChallenge, calls us all to consider the actions we can take to ensure that our communities are places where every single person has every single opportunity and encouragement to thrive.

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Keep Us Here for Her: Save Babes Frankston


"When I brought Lilly home... getting to that point took so much support and reassurance. The Babes Project was a safe space for me, and that’s how I want my family to be for our baby too.” - Georgia, Frankston Babes mama, 2021

Five years. 

That's how long The Babes Project has been creating a safe space for pregnant women and new mothers at our Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre. 

For five years, we've been here for her. 

Here to congratulate pregnant women and new mums – often when no one else is.

Here for the practical preparation to calm confusion, overwhelm and anxiety.

Here building the trust that means she can finally take action against domestic abuse.

Here as the birth partner in the labour ward when there is no one else.

Here to connect her with safe housing, and a secure future.

And here as a life-changing advocate for pregnant women and new mothers right through the perinatal period.

Now more than ever, we need you to be here for her too. 

Can you help us Save Babes Frankston?

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The stuff about stuff

Photo: Miranda Mayle

When you find out someone is pregnant, it is a beautiful thing to be excited about the gorgeous gifts to celebrate a new baby. You might imagine a nursery filled to the brim with blankets, cute outfits and soft toys ready to greet the little one home. Every new parent and baby deserve all they need to thrive in life, including safe furniture and warm clothing. 

Here at Babes, we love to shower our mamas with the things she needs on her pregnancy and parenting journey. And while this can be in the form of a brand new nappy bag or car seat, we know there’s so much more to motherhood than that. Luckily, so do our mamas!

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Grateful with grit in 2021!


Babes tribe, we are here. 

And let's face it, after the year that was, just that feels like an achievement. We are so grateful. 

But you know us - at Babes, we are always determined to achieve more, for every mama doing it tough!

In February last year, our "more" plans prompted us to launch 1 Million for Mums. Funding for our vital service was already shifting due to bushfires, and that big goal was aimed to prioritise stability, and ability to plan long-term. 

Of course, the months that followed threw stability out the window, and not just for us. Financial priorities for so many Australians shifted.

Amazingly, we were still able to raise $95K in ten months of this campaign.

THANK YOU for your contributions - without you we wouldn't be able to support so many mums and their babies.

Now as we plan for post-COVID survival and recovery we have decided that this campaign no longer fits with our fundraising priorities, and we are closing the 1 Million for Mums fundraiser site this week.

But we won't stop pursuing "more" with every bit of grit and determination we can muster.

Because for Babes, "more" means every pregnant woman and new mother getting the support she needs. 

And we need your help more than ever to make it happen. 

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When it's never mattered more, will you stand up for vulnerable mums?


Amidst all the tough, strange and downright horrible aspects of terrible 2020, we've all seen one reliable bit of normality. 

Babies just kept being born.  

Lockdowns across Melbourne meant for the first time in 11 years, The Babes Project had to close our physical doors to vulnerable pregnant women and new mums.

But like the babies, we didn’t stop. 

And after nearly nine months of delivering remote perinatal support to vulnerable women and their bubs, we're finally welcoming them back into our centres, and supporting them to recover from lockdown experiences that left them more isolated, traumatised and at-risk.

Now, post-pandemic and into the future, we need to keep the doors open.

And to do it, we need your support for 1 Million for Mums

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Babes labour prep to help every new mum


From the earliest days of The Babes Project, we’ve worked to prepare and empower women for pregnancy and motherhood, in the face of every kind of crisis.

But it shouldn’t take a crisis to connect new mamas with the information and advice they need to feel confident for their journey.  

With more than a decade of experience providing perinatal support, Babes knows that countless pregnant women feel underprepared for labour, birth, and beyond.

And feeling disempowered during labour and birth can have negative impacts for how women connect with their baby, and engage with health care, for years to come.

That’s why we’ve created Labour Education, by The Babes Project.

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EOFY - and what a year - means new mums need support more than ever


Every day and more than ever in the current crisis, women need support to prepare for motherhood. Photo by Miranda Mayle Photography.  


No doubt about it, 2020 has already been a brutal year.

And while we'd like to think the worst is behind us, chances are it's going to get tougher.

While everyone is facing their own battles, Babes has seen first-hand how the recent months have been just so challenging for pregnant women and new mums. 

For so many, COVID-19 is yet another crisis, and one that is making support even harder to access, as women try to prepare for motherhood amidst family breakdown, domestic violence, insecure housing and income, mental health issues, and more. 

Through the past months of lockdown, Babes has continued to be there - remotely, but still as fully as possible - for the most vulnerable families in our communities, even as the global pandemic makes them more isolated, traumatised and at-risk. 

As restrictions begin to ease, we want to step up our support, and start the recovery process for new mums hit hard by social distancing, and by countless other factors that are unfair, alienating, and so often out of their control.  

And more than ever, we need your help to do it

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Cristina's Story


“Once my family found out I was pregnant, they didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Finishing her Bachelor of Business and starting to build her career, Cristina’s plans did not include having a baby.  

“Right before my last exam, I had an inkling something was wrong, and I went and took a test – I was sort of a bit numb from the shock of it,” she remembers. 

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Motherhood stories worth telling, no matter what the plan


“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes mama with a baby carriage.”

Sound familiar? From our earliest days, we hear there’s a “right” way to do motherhood. And even today, plenty of people are still trying to tell women all the ways we’re doing it wrong.

The Babes Project calls that out.

For more than a decade we’ve supported women tackling new motherhood from every direction, and facing every challenge imaginable.

And now, our podcast Not the Plan shares their crisis stories – and ours – from first heart-wrenching realisations, the overwhelm and elation of pregnancy and birth, and through those tough newborn trenches.

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