Admit it - did you feel that little buzz of excitement last week?

You know, when the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its 2016 Census data!

Okay, maybe stats aren't everyone's cup of tea - but here at Babes, numbers are like gold.

The Census data confirms what we already know - and tells us even more - about the shape of the communities we serve.

It helps us decide how we can better ensure our services are best fit for Melbourne's east and south east, and maybe even what other areas could be crying out for crisis pregnancy support and perinatal care.  

For instance, did you know that Frankston has one of Australia's highest proportions of single-parent households?

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Is it just us, or does this winter feel particularly cold and miserable?

(And not just the weather - although the mornings have been pretty grim!)

From downcast faces in the street, to the vicious national debate, and in news from around the world - suddenly, so much of it seems horribly depressing. 

Whether it's the terrible London fire, or terrorism, or just folks who can't get along, social problems can feel completely overwhelming. 

But at The Babes Project, we're working hard to help happy happen - and it's amazing the difference a bit of good news can make. 

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This time of year, it seems that everyone joins in the incredulous chorus - how is it June already? Where is the year going? And why is it going so fast?!

Here at Babes, we know the feeling! And that's despite the fact we're always counting the weeks - counting down to a new mama delivering her little one, or counting up as little ones get rapidly bigger!

So much can be achieved in just 52 short weeks - and at this time of year especially, The Babes Project has some incredible opportunities for you to make your 2017 a year that really counts. 

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Giving for Happiness

As I sat down at my desk this morning in The Babes Project admin hub, a copy of Rewriting Motherhood was waiting for me. To start with, it’s a beautiful book. The gold foil heading and stunning cover photography made me instantly pick it up. I opened it up and started reading. I was hooked. I read the first three stories before I pulled myself away.

Rewriting Motherhood is an amazing reminder of why we do what we do... and why we need to keep doing what we do... and we can’t do it without you.

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Rewriting Motherhood released!


A year ago we started collecting women's stories, by going into their homes and hearing them talk about their pregnancy and motherhood experience. And last week those stories were released to the world. The Babes Project's Rewriting Motherhood book was launched in Queen's Hall of Parliament House on Wednesday 10th May and it was amazing!

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To be called to stand beside


When you read the word advocacy, what comes to mind? Images of lawyers defending civil rights cases, teachers demanding extra resources for students, aid agencies pleading for funds to support the hungry? Advocacy can be all of those things but in fact it can be so much more simple.

According to the Perseus online Latin dictionary from Tufts University, the word advocacy comes from Latin meaning “one called to aid; a supporter1. Many other sites list the meaning as “to be called to stand beside”.

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Babes' Best



We are super excited to introduce you to our new feature "Babes’ Best!"

In the crazy, amazing world of parenthood, you might be under the impression that you NEED a whole lot of stuff to do it right. We’re here to say it ain’t so! The "Babes’ Best" is all about giving you some insights into our favourite products, places and services. Because we all know getting a mama's recommendation is the best! We’ll give you the lowdown on each, plus a rating of cost, quality & necessity. So fun! 

So today we're telling you a little about our experience with libraries and highchairs! I hope you find these reviews helpful as you navigate your way through the huge amount of so-called 'must haves.'

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Our favourite day

One of the best days of the Babes year is our Annual Photoshoot.  Every photo you see on our social media sites, our website and even on the walls of our buildings are real photos of real women who are a part of The Babes Project. We don't use models or stock photos, because we feel that with every photo shared, something of who we are and what we are about is communicated. And we are so passionate about staying authentic and real.

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Team Training

I wear a lot of hats.  Figuratively, not literally – hats are not my thing. Three days a week, I’m a learning assistant (teacher’s aide) and I love it. Appropriately at our school there is a big emphasis on education. And by that I mean teacher education as well as student education. There are professional development days, short courses, first aid courses and post-grad study options. In a way, I was a little taken aback when I found out about the extra study but then I realised it’s the school’s way of investing into their staff.

When I started volunteering at The Babes Project I was also a little surprised to learn that becoming a volunteer doesn’t simply stop after induction and ‘getting to know you’ sessions. As a new volunteer, you’re expected to work through a few different exercises to get a deeper and better understanding of who The Babes Project is, what we do and how we do it.

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We are launching a book!


I remember when I was pregnant and alone and just felt so overwhelmed by all I thought I had to do and who I needed to become to get ready for my baby.

And we hear this at The Babes Project too, from women trying their best to plan for baby, but battling the fear that they cannot live up to what they believe motherhood is. An image that is largely formed by what they see in our society, especially the media. 

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