She names her baby

Screen_Shot_2018-01-02_at_2.05.15_pm.pngIf you're around The Babes Project Admin Hub when we hear news of one of our Mamas having her baby you'll most likely be swept up in the fun. Whoever sees the news first calls out "Babyyyy!" and everyone stops what they're doing... "who who? Who is it?" And we spend a few moments gushing over a photo sent, a mama's message, the sweetest name. 

It is not lost on us that we have such a privilege being involved in these significant moments of young families lives. Every sweet little baby is worth celebrating. Each Mama (and let's not forget some of the men who work hard to stick around) has overcome significant obstacles to see her little one born, to prepare for her parenting journey. And so the moment that we hear the news of her baby's arrival. Gosh it takes our breath away. EVERY TIME.

And for a bit of fun we love recognising the trends in baby names... the classic names, the unique ones and the super popular names... they're each just perfect for the little people we meet.

And so we are excited to take a closer look at our babes babies in 2017. 69 babies in total: 35 were boys and 34 were girls. 41 were from our Croydon hub and 28 from Frankston.  (You can compare the numbers and names to our 2016 year here)

Here they are... our most popular names at The Babes Project in 2017:


James has always been super popular at babes, especially as a second name, but Bently was a new one for 2017. As was Riley, which we saw three times, twice for boys and one little girl. It's also pretty fun to see some of the classic names return and then the amazing creative names pop up too! if you take a look at our series on instagram here, you'll see all the names of all our babies in 2017!

And just for some extra fun we couldn't resist taking a look at our most popular baby names over the past six years, especially as the numbers are now in the hundreds. So here it is... The Babes Project top names. How fun!


Congrats to every babes family who has welcomed a baby in 2017. We have loved preparing and celebrating with you. We can't wait to cheer you on through their first year! 

I wonder what 2018 will look like? How many babies? What is certain is that there will always be excitement and cheers at babes when we hear the news of one of our mama's giving birth.