Baby name trends at babes


If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that our baby count for 2016 just hit #43 with our very first twins! We are so excited! Every little one is special to us, and so we keep a record of all the birth details. What is super sweet is that now we have had so many babies born, we are now seeing some trends in baby names, especially this past year.

Can you guess what our most popular names have been?


Out of 43 babies to join the Babes project family in 2016:

  • 26 were girls and 17 were boys
  • 27 were from the Croydon hub and 16 were from the Frankston hub

The most popular girls name was: Ava, with three baby girls going by this name, though one is spelt differently.  Actually there was a steady stream of similar names at one point... Arya, Ava, Ayva, Eva, Evie and Ivy! Super cute!

The most popular boys names were: James and Michael, which were actually most popular as middle names.

The most popular unisex name was seen three times this year: Elliot is a lovely choice for both girls and boys!


And so this got us wondering what The Babes Project's most popular names of all time have been? Looking back at records, the traditional boys names are definitely the winner with James taking out first spot.  And for the girls it's a bit more of a split, with a few little ones named Ella, Skye, Mila, Violet and Rose... all so lovely!

We adore all the little ones born into the Babes family and we just love hearing their names. Some are beautifully unique and others are more traditional, but all are perfect for each baby. Now we're excited to see what 2017 holds for The Babes Project and if we see any other names head to the top of the baby name list!