Equip a mum. Your questions answered


We're currently running our equip a mum campaign, where all you wonderful people support our women through packing a nappy bag or new mums basket.  And we've had a few questions, so thought we'd let you know some of the answers to our most common ones.

Here goes...


1. Which one costs more to pack... The nappy bag or New Mums basket?
We have priced it and the nappy bag comes out a bit cheaper than packing a basket.

2. I've bought everything for my nappy bag but it all won't fit into the bag...what do I do? 
That's totally fine! Just pack everything in the bag but keep out the nappies, wipes and nappy sacks. Bring them along with your nappy bag and we'll put them into a cute bag to go alongside for the mama.

3. I can't see maternity pads and nursing pads on the 'Equip A Mum for Birth' list, do I still need to buy them? 
Nope, we've got that covered! We received a grant to purchase both of these items to go with each nappy bag, so you don't need to worry about these products this year.

4. What gender do you need more of...boys or girls?
So far this year we have had 20 boys and 20 girls! So we are in need of get the fun part of picking which one you would like to buy for :)


5. Can I add items that are not on the list?
We like to keep each one the same so that each mama is receiving the same beautiful bag and if you can please stick to the list that would be awesome, thanks!

6. Can I buy cloth nappies instead of disposable?
We love both, but most of our women do choose disposable. So if you'd like to do cloth, please do this in addition to a packet of disposable nappies. 

7. Can I pack more than one or both a bag AND basket?
YES! If you can, that would be amazing! We work with over 120 women per year, so the more the better! 

8. What are infant size nappies?
Newborn nappies go with the nappy bags and these are for bubs up to 4kg. Infant nappies are for the new mums basket and the next size up - when bub is 4-8kgs. 

9. What size pj's and slippers should I buy for my basket?
As Mama would have just had bub, a loose nightie is a lovely idea. Generally size M  or 12-14 (along with M size slippers) is perfect, but if you want to purchase a different size that'd be super helpful too!

10. Can I know who got the bag or basket that I packed?
Actually we don't yet track exactly who gets which bags as it's a big job having everything come in, get checked and then sent to appropriate hubs to be stored until needed. But please know that every woman is super grateful and moved by the generosity of the Babes community. Thanks for being wonderful :) 

And if you haven't yet signed up to pack a bag or basket, it's super easy! Go here to register! x