Fifty's nifty, but there's a long way to go


We were shocked too, little one - fifty bubs already! Photo by Miranda Mayle at our Frankston centre. 

September 17 marked a milestone for everyone here at Babes - bub number 50 this year came into the world! 


And while little Addison-Maree - and every one of the 49 before her - is a miracle, we think it's just as miraculous to have hit the big 5-0 already! 

But of course, we can't stay wide-eyed for long. There's too much still to be done!

Recently, we've had a look at some facts and figures from last financial year at Babes.

In 2016/17, we supported 194 pregnant women to take on social and health challenges around their pregnancy, and 107 expecting mums joined TBP’s perinatal care program.

That’s 110 babies getting a better start to life as The Babes Project prepares and empowers women to take confidence in their motherhood.

Not so good, though - more than 70 per cent of women we supported last year had a history of mental health issues, and half are concerned about their social isolation during pregnancy.

Outside of Babes, how many women are having babies vulnerable and without anyone there for them? The numbers must be huge - and we're always looking for ways to reach more pregnant women and mamas, to ensure they don't reach breaking point. 

Meanwhile, this week we've been loving a web series out of New Zealand, Conversations with Teen Mums

Like our Rewriting Motherhood book, this series beautifully captures the hardships, challenges, and heartbreak involved in crisis pregnancy - and the potential for new life, growth and inspiration that the right support can achieve.

For us, there's hope in the face of what too often looks like a heartless society. 

And of course, it's all made possible by the generous work and support of our volunteers and donors! 

To show our gratitude, here's the truly divine face of little number fifty, Addison-Maree. 


Your passion for Babes means so much to her, to her mama, and to all of us! 

PS - there's still time to register and curate a beautiful nappy bag or basket for our Equip a Mum campaign - head here to help heart-warm a new mum!