Image from Wonder Woman (2017), republished under fair use. 

There’s no shortage of wonder women around The Babes Project, so when the Wonder Woman movie came out last month, more than a few of us were keen to see it!

Of course, superpowers are a bit beyond our reach – but there was one line in the film that rang familiar for our Babes team.

As the bad guy challenges Wonder Woman to abandon the world, he tells her that humanity “does not deserve you”.

“Deserve” is often a word that comes up for Babes too, as we appeal to the community to help our mamas.

Whether we’re asking for volunteers for our Equip a Mum campaign, or donations for a crowdfunding project, or even just sharing the Babes mission – “deserve” appears in many shapes and sizes.

“Why do they deserve new things for the baby – wouldn’t second-hand do?”

“Why do you do photoshoots with the mothers – they don’t deserve that attention!”  

“All new mums do it tough – why do these ones deserve help?”

The truth is, The Babes Project isn’t here to evaluate who deserves what - and even if we could, "deserve" is so irrelevant to what we are trying to achieve.  

If a pregnant mama has reached out to Babes for help, then help is what she gets.

So often, she is coming from a place of scarcity – with too little love from the people in her life, too little funds to fit out a nursery, too little belief in her abilities and her potential.

Our therapeutic care model aims to reverse that scarcity – not by doling out the bare minimum, but by overwhelming women with support, and with a generous vision of what’s possible for their motherhood.

So yes – we make sure each appointment is marked with a photo for social media, celebrating the mama’s progress!

290817_-_mum_16_weeks.jpg   290817_-_mum_34_weeks.jpg   290817_-_mum_36_weeks.jpg

And yes, we shout our welcome from the roof-tops when bub finally arrives. (And we have done, 45 times this year already!)

290817_-_bub_44.jpg 290817_-_bub_45.jpg

And absolutely yes, we want to give our women supplies – and more importantly, information and support – that show we see the huge value in her ability and potential, as a mother and as a person.

When we do that - when we do everything we can - then she can start to see it too.

Oh, and Wonder Woman? She tells the bad guy it isn’t about “deserve”. “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love!”

Here at Babes, we believe in love too. Given generously, and without judgement, we believe it's truly transformative.  

Got love to give? Every contribution to The Babes Project is transformative and tax-deductible - more information here