Pip: An Unexpected Joy - Part 1


We were welcomed with the ring of a bell. Pip opened the door with her daughter Lulu on her hip - ringing her toy bell loudly. Lulu is eight months old and she is happy. 

She has been an unexpected joy for Pip who found out she was pregnant when she was 22.

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Rewriting Motherhood


The Babes Project works with women during the Perinatal period. 
Rewriting Motherhood is our project which tells the stories of women we have met.

There is so much in our everyday lives telling us what motherhood should look like, feel like and be like, shaping an expectation of motherhood that isn't always realistic or even achievable. When our experience doesn't reflect that expectation we can find ourselves feeling unworthy and incompetent. 

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A fabulous four years


It has been four years since we took the boldest risk. Really. We had no idea how we would fund our centre or our program. But that was four fabulous years ago, and ever since we opened the doors of our first Pregnancy Support Centre in Croydon, The Babes Project has just grown from strength to strength. 

It was a sweet and humble beginning, and swinging those doors open for the first time is a great memory for us. We had a dream and a vision and we were passionate about ensuring it became a reality. But there was definitely a sense of naiveté about us... and maybe that's why it has worked. We just wanted the best for women; no ulterior motives.

The past four years have been such a great learning curve and have shaped The Babes Project into what it is today: an organisation working hard to ensure all women in this nation are empowered and supported in the Perinatal period. 

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