Babes' Best



We are super excited to introduce you to our new feature "Babes’ Best!"

In the crazy, amazing world of parenthood, you might be under the impression that you NEED a whole lot of stuff to do it right. We’re here to say it ain’t so! The "Babes’ Best" is all about giving you some insights into our favourite products, places and services. Because we all know getting a mama's recommendation is the best! We’ll give you the lowdown on each, plus a rating of cost, quality & necessity. So fun! 

So today we're telling you a little about our experience with libraries and highchairs! I hope you find these reviews helpful as you navigate your way through the huge amount of so-called 'must haves.'

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Our favourite day

One of the best days of the Babes year is our Annual Photoshoot.  Every photo you see on our social media sites, our website and even on the walls of our buildings are real photos of real women who are a part of The Babes Project. We don't use models or stock photos, because we feel that with every photo shared, something of who we are and what we are about is communicated. And we are so passionate about staying authentic and real.

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Team Training

I wear a lot of hats.  Figuratively, not literally – hats are not my thing. Three days a week, I’m a learning assistant (teacher’s aide) and I love it. Appropriately at our school there is a big emphasis on education. And by that I mean teacher education as well as student education. There are professional development days, short courses, first aid courses and post-grad study options. In a way, I was a little taken aback when I found out about the extra study but then I realised it’s the school’s way of investing into their staff.

When I started volunteering at The Babes Project I was also a little surprised to learn that becoming a volunteer doesn’t simply stop after induction and ‘getting to know you’ sessions. As a new volunteer, you’re expected to work through a few different exercises to get a deeper and better understanding of who The Babes Project is, what we do and how we do it.

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We are launching a book!


I remember when I was pregnant and alone and just felt so overwhelmed by all I thought I had to do and who I needed to become to get ready for my baby.

And we hear this at The Babes Project too, from women trying their best to plan for baby, but battling the fear that they cannot live up to what they believe motherhood is. An image that is largely formed by what they see in our society, especially the media. 

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Join our beautiful team.


We have the most amazing team at Babes... they are committed, passionate and hardworking. And we're looking to expand, with volunteer intake open for a few more days until 31st Jan. 

You can find all the info and application pack here

And just incase you needed to be convinced of how fun it is to be a part of the Babes Team, heres a little interview with our Croydon Assistant Manager Holly.

How long have you been at The Babes Project?
I first heard about TBP in about 2010 after having my 4th baby and have watched their journey unfold on FB for sometime. I finally applied to become a volunteer and started a role as a PSW in training in early 2014. It seems like not very long ago but also I can’t imagine my life before being part of TBP. 

How did you end up at TBP?
For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about building strong and healthy parent/child relationships. When I had finished having my own family and was ready to continue serving in the area I felt called to. I applied to become a volunteer as I thought it would be a great space for me to use my natural gifts but also learn new skills and be challenged to grow and learn new things about an area I was passionate about. 

Why volunteer?
Volunteering at TBP is extremely rewarding and exciting! Volunteer at TBP because you want to be part of something bigger, something exciting, something that is making a difference in the world around you. It will be something that will stretch you and challenge you, something that will empower you and embrace you. It’s not something to go into lightly but something that will enrich your more than you can imagine. 

What would you say to a new volunteer at TBP?:
WELCOME! This is going to be a great fun place for you! Some days will be slower, some days will be fast, some days you will do the same thing over and over and some days you’d never expect to happen but it will be a crazy adventure for you! Welcome to the ride!

What have been some of your favourite moments at TBP?:
I love our supportive team, our loving volunteers and the fun we have creating and planning, celebrating and dreaming, going on adventures and solving problems. I love when we do things as a big team, training for something new, going on our annual retreat or just chatting about a new idea. 

Apply to be a volunteer with us today. We are sure you will love being a part of a vibrant and innovative group of people. 

Baby name trends at babes


If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that our baby count for 2016 just hit #43 with our very first twins! We are so excited! Every little one is special to us, and so we keep a record of all the birth details. What is super sweet is that now we have had so many babies born, we are now seeing some trends in baby names, especially this past year.

Can you guess what our most popular names have been?

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Share some Christmas Love


For so many of us, Christmas is a time of fun, family and celebrations. But for some women, they're so busy looking after their little ones or planning for a new baby, that they often go without. It can be a time where loneliness and the feeling of hardship is heightened. So we want to make sure all of our women receive something special this Christmas... and we'd love you to join us in making that happen! 

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A beautiful impact


The Babes Project has always had a wonderful tribe of supporters and yet again you've joined us to make a huge impact on the lives of the women needing support during the Perinatal period. Our recent "Equip a Mum" campaign was an overwhelming success. Thank you friends. You're just the best.

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Equip a mum for birth and baby

One of our favourite things to do at The Babes Project is to use tools to interact with and educate women about what's ahead for them. And one of the best tools we have are our nappy bags. These are bags filled with all she needs for hospital. We also have a new mums basket for when bub is born. We'd love to invite you to help us equip her for birth and baby by packing a bag or basket.

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Celebrating Frankston

aKIPINDI-BabesFrankstonOpening-19.jpgWe always knew that when we opened the new Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre, it would be hugely celebrated! Last Friday we gathered 100 of our amazing supporters, including some who contributed generously to our Crowdfunding campaign last year, to party with us as we cut the ribbon on our new building.

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