Our favourite day

One of the best days of the Babes year is our Annual Photoshoot.  Every photo you see on our social media sites, our website and even on the walls of our buildings are real photos of real women who are a part of The Babes Project. We don't use models or stock photos, because we feel that with every photo shared, something of who we are and what we are about is communicated. And we are so passionate about staying authentic and real.


This week we took six women and three tiny bubs out to spend the day in a local park to capture moments of pregnancy and motherhood. The sun was shining, the babies were happy and the girls were stunning.




And even when the babies weren't happy and our feet got weary, it was still beautiful, because this is motherhood... not everything runs to plan and we can feel exhausted, but it is still worthwhile and pretty amazing.

The day would not have been possible without our big team behind it all. This included all of our amazing professionals and volunteers. A huge thanks to photographer Andy Drewitt and our hair + make-up professionals: Renee, Brooke, Veronica, Steph and Toni.

And the HUGEST thanks our six beautiful women that were a part of it. You all did so well even though the sun was shining a bit too bright at times, but we thank you so much for sharing this day with us.


We can't wait to share all some new images with the world x