Share some Christmas Love


For so many of us, Christmas is a time of fun, family and celebrations. But for some women, they're so busy looking after their little ones or planning for a new baby, that they often go without. It can be a time where loneliness and the feeling of hardship is heightened. So we want to make sure all of our women receive something special this Christmas... and we'd love you to join us in making that happen! 


Our Christmas Love campaign is such a beautiful expression of kindness and generousity.
Every year our supporters pick up these beautiful boxes, which comes with a tag of info about one of our women, and then they fill it with gifts just for her.  This can be done by yourself or you might like to gather a few friends to put your box together. It is such a fun campaign as we give to others so they might find some joy this Christmas. 


This is our fourth year running the Christmas love campaign... and of course with our expansion to Frankston it means we have MORE boxes than ever to fill!
We'd love you to join us. It's super easy to sign up here.
Then you'll get an email from us about picking up your box and tag with your mummas info. Once you have filled it, just bring it into one of our hubs by 2nd of December! So fun! 


Every year it's just beautiful to watch women receive their gifts. Some open theirs at the Christmas party. Some keep it for Christmas day. Whenever it is opened their gratitude is always evident. There's nothing better than giving to those who often get forgotten at Christmas.
Our registrations for this campaign are filling up already, so get in quick! As always, thanks for your help friends. We love that you are all so passionate about ensuring women are supported beautifully. 

update: after just two days, this campaign has closed with every box accounted for. Thank you all so much for responding so beautifully!!