Babes' Best



We are super excited to introduce you to our new feature "Babes’ Best!"

In the crazy, amazing world of parenthood, you might be under the impression that you NEED a whole lot of stuff to do it right. We’re here to say it ain’t so! The "Babes’ Best" is all about giving you some insights into our favourite products, places and services. Because we all know getting a mama's recommendation is the best! We’ll give you the lowdown on each, plus a rating of cost, quality & necessity. So fun! 

So today we're telling you a little about our experience with libraries and highchairs! I hope you find these reviews helpful as you navigate your way through the huge amount of so-called 'must haves.'

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I read ALL of the books.

One suggested that even babies love to hear stories (particularly stories with rhythm), even while their still in your belly! So I would regularly read Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy to my belly. Once my son was born, we loved to read books together. I found it a nice calming break from the hectic-ness of being a new mum and he loved to hear my voice and the rhythmic verses that baby books often offer.

When baby number two and three came along, life was BUSY! There was no reading to bellies but I like to think they were each listening in when I read aloud to the other kids.

If you love books as well and you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, why not pay a visit to your local library? They're FREE! And most libraries have special storytime events for babies and toddlers... AND many libraries are upgrading their facilities to include cafes... with coffee! Perfect!



I remember when my baby was nearing the time to start solids and I decided that I needed a highchair STAT!

I entered the department store and was overwhelmed with all the amazing things highchairs could do: Tilted feeding positions, up high, down low, tray inserts... the list goes on. I picked out something awesome, but then my sweet little babe could not even see over the tray! We literally had to sit him on a phone book (remember those?) at feeding time! Highchair FAIL!

By the time baby number 2 arrived, I’d had enough. I sold my super-duper highchair and went back to basics. WOW. My new highchair was amazing – amazingly basic. A sturdy plastic seat and tray made it so easy to clean. Baby could see out and I could even take it apart and load it into the car when visiting. The best part? The price! The IKEA Antilop highchair retails at just $29.95 and you can grab the optional padded insert for $8. 

We particularly love these at The Babes Project and use them in our support centres because they're awesome!

Note: Okay so if you’ve got a squirmer, you’ll need to keep an extra close eye on baby as these highchairs have a three-point harness, as opposed to a five point harness. 




*Please Note: The Babes Project is not affiliated with any of the above products or brands. Babes' Best is simply an opinion piece based on the author's personal experience through pregnancy and motherhood.