Equip a mum for birth and baby

One of our favourite things to do at The Babes Project is to use tools to interact with and educate women about what's ahead for them. And one of the best tools we have are our nappy bags. These are bags filled with all she needs for hospital. We also have a new mums basket for when bub is born. We'd love to invite you to help us equip her for birth and baby by packing a bag or basket.

Okay we're going to keep this super simple. 

  1. Choose which item you'd like to pack. (The contents can add up so you might even like to gather a group of friends to help shop!)

  2. Read all this info.

  3. Register here

  4. We'll get back to you with your list

  5. Bring it in to one of our drop off points by 9th September (Drop off is either Frankston or Croydon). 

If you have any further questions, shoot us an email at [email protected]

We work with over 120 women a year and now we have another centre, the need is even greater! So join with us to equip a mum for birth and baby. Thanks friends, this is going to be fun x