Join our beautiful team.


We have the most amazing team at Babes... they are committed, passionate and hardworking. And we're looking to expand, with volunteer intake open for a few more days until 31st Jan. 

You can find all the info and application pack here

And just incase you needed to be convinced of how fun it is to be a part of the Babes Team, heres a little interview with our Croydon Assistant Manager Holly.

How long have you been at The Babes Project?
I first heard about TBP in about 2010 after having my 4th baby and have watched their journey unfold on FB for sometime. I finally applied to become a volunteer and started a role as a PSW in training in early 2014. It seems like not very long ago but also I can’t imagine my life before being part of TBP. 

How did you end up at TBP?
For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about building strong and healthy parent/child relationships. When I had finished having my own family and was ready to continue serving in the area I felt called to. I applied to become a volunteer as I thought it would be a great space for me to use my natural gifts but also learn new skills and be challenged to grow and learn new things about an area I was passionate about. 

Why volunteer?
Volunteering at TBP is extremely rewarding and exciting! Volunteer at TBP because you want to be part of something bigger, something exciting, something that is making a difference in the world around you. It will be something that will stretch you and challenge you, something that will empower you and embrace you. It’s not something to go into lightly but something that will enrich your more than you can imagine. 

What would you say to a new volunteer at TBP?:
WELCOME! This is going to be a great fun place for you! Some days will be slower, some days will be fast, some days you will do the same thing over and over and some days you’d never expect to happen but it will be a crazy adventure for you! Welcome to the ride!

What have been some of your favourite moments at TBP?:
I love our supportive team, our loving volunteers and the fun we have creating and planning, celebrating and dreaming, going on adventures and solving problems. I love when we do things as a big team, training for something new, going on our annual retreat or just chatting about a new idea. 

Apply to be a volunteer with us today. We are sure you will love being a part of a vibrant and innovative group of people.