Amidst the crisis, help us write a better future


Over the past ten years at The Babes Project, one of the most important things we have learnt about pregnancy and motherhood is that every family and parenting story is unique.

And wow, hard to think of a tougher time to start that story. 

But even in the face of a global pandemic, brave mamas continue to bring babies into this world - in many cases, cut off from support, with birth-partners shut out of the hospital, or even unable to hold their newborn as hospitals enforce distancing for mums who may be of carrying the virus. 

Our hearts are breaking for so many new mums, more isolated than ever by this crisis, and so many other tough circumstances. 

That's why we're working harder than ever - even as our centres stay temporarily closed - to connect with new mums, and make sure we can give them support remotely.

And our mama-life journal is a new way that you can help deliver that support.



Know a new mum, or someone who's about to be? The Babes Project's mama-life journal is a gorgeous way to get prepared and inspired for the motherhood journey. 

Created by our team, it will help a special mum to record important moments, and make big plans.

Every beautiful page is thoughtfully designed, and the content has already helped hundreds of mums in our perinatal program to get ready for their little person. 

With prompts to design family values and traditions, grow self-worth and self-care, and practice proactive parenting, the mama-life journal has engaging and support for every new mum. 

And every purchase helps The Babes Project to support more women through pregnancy and early parenting, right across Australia.  

The COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard here at Babes - emotionally, and financially. 

But with 100 per cent of sales of the mama-life journal going straight back into our operations, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving - for the mum who receives it, and for countless women The Babes Project will continue to support.