Cristina's Story


“Once my family found out I was pregnant, they didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Finishing her Bachelor of Business and starting to build her career, Cristina’s plans did not include having a baby.  

“Right before my last exam, I had an inkling something was wrong, and I went and took a test – I was sort of a bit numb from the shock of it,” she remembers. 


Please support families like Crisitina's by donating to 1 Million for Mums and know you're standing against a crisis that impacts for generations to come. 

“I wasn’t in a serious relationship at that point, but then I started noticing a lot of things that made me think I could be pregnant.

“And one of my best friends couldn’t have a baby and I saw how distraught she was. Then I was surrounded by people who had children and I could see how happy they were, I had a teacher who had adopted her children and I saw how beautiful children were. 

“Even though I didn’t feel ready, I knew I wanted to keep the baby.”

Cristina initially looked into options for adoption, but counselling helped her see how she could prepare for motherhood. 

Secure housing was the biggest immediate concern for the pregnant mum, as her family’s reaction left her homeless, and isolated. 

“I went to government housing, and they told me about The Babes Project,” she explained.

“At that point I just wanted all the help I could get, and it turned out to be the best thing ever.”

“I didn’t know how to be a mum, I needed all that knowledge and guidance - even the things I needed for a newborn baby, I didn’t have any idea!” 

In early 2015, Cristina was selected for The Babes Project pilot residential program, Orbus House, where she was living as her little girl Eden arrived. 

“I was so lucky to go into that beautiful house, the rent was so cheap and it was all beautifully furnished, so I could just relax, not worry, and focus on being a mum,” she said.

“I also started saving, and within a year could buy a car – being able to work towards something for my future just gave me so much confidence.”

Four years on, Cristina continued down that path, and now owns her own home in Frankston North. 

Now four, Eden was followed by Peter, now two, and again Cristina sought support from Babes as she prepared for his arrival. 

“I think I was in shock when I realised (I was pregnant), but I thought, ‘I’ll call Helen’. 

“She said, ‘we’ll support you again’, with no judgement - it was just so much support and love and it helped me to calm down in the face of the panic I was in.”

Cristina has loved motherhood, and is proud of the 

skills she’s developed as a parent, and in life. 

Without The Babes Project I couldn’t even imagine my journey, I’d still be at square one!” she laughed.

“Owning my home and things like that, I wouldn’t have that sort of stability if I hadn’t had Babes – they helped me really feel on top of all the challenges.” 

The support wasn’t just practical though – Cristina says emotional connection was vital to her progress. 

“Being in that community, meeting other mothers and having that ongoing interaction and support was beautiful. I remember my first Christmas just before Eden was born, I was entirely on my own but I was able to go to the Babes party, and get the Christmas Love present, it just felt so nice to have Babes family around me.” 

Cristina said Babes was the only support she found that met her range of needs. 

“I was looking hard for help and there wasn’t anything else comprehensive available, other agencies and government don’t have a really well-thought-out program in place.” 

“Babes is so empowering and unmoving and unyielding with their support for women, that’s amazing. That’s what women need out there.” 

“Motherhood is the scariest, hardest job in the world, but also the most rewarding, best job in the world. And I've been able to enjoy it more because I've had The Babes Project by my side.”

Please support families like Crisitina's by donating to 1 Million for Mums and know you're standing against a crisis that impacts for generations to come. 


*Cristina was a part of The Babes Project’s first trial housing program where we operated a home in partnership with Orbus Inc to provide women with affordable housing. This closed after two years and The Babes Project will continue to pursue opportunities to offer a housing program for vulnerable mothers in the perinatal program.