Help where it's needed most

MKM20180823114744_0041.jpgWAIT HERE: There's always new mamas at Babes - and your support could mean no more waiting to get into our life-changing perinatal program!

Like any pregnant mama, here at Babes we wrapped up 2018 with hope in our hearts, and more than a few fingers crossed, as we looked to the year ahead. 

We'd put it out there - we needed your help. Our campaign The Biggest Difference was aiming high, hoping to bring in enough donations to fully fund our program for every woman currently on her Babes journey and in our perinatal program. (And with day-to-day costs taken care of, we would be ready to focus new funds on fresh growth!)

And plenty of you wonderful folks answered the call. To date, we've raised more than $22,000 through our campaign - not the total amount we'd aimed for, but a healthy boost that was generous and heart-lifting, especially as the dollars rolled in over busy (and bank-breaking!) Christmas and New Year. Supporters, you never disappoint us - and your generosity always renews our faith in the impact of our work with mamas! 

But as February rolled around, so too did a new boost to our faith - with even more zeroes attached!  

Michael_Sukkar_and_Babes_team.jpgFederal Member for Deakin Michael Sukkar with our Babes team and some of our newest bubs as he made the funding announcement. 

After years of lobbying by our board and executive, ensuring that our Federal representatives understand the importance of perinatal support for vulnerable women, our local MP Michael Sukkar delivered great news - we'd secured $240,000 in Commonwealth Government funding! (You can watch Michael's announcement - and our founder's response - below.)

This is a transformative amount for Babes, and means we can clear waiting lists at our Croydon and Frankston hubs, and start planning for the future more boldly and bravely than ever. Thanks Michael for the great news, and to so many supporters who have helped us advocate for women at every level of government. 

But of course, it's more than money that makes Babes go round.

We need YOU, too! If you've got time and a passion to support women, our volunteer intake is open, and we need you in our team!

TBP_volunteer_drive2.jpg  TBP_volunteer_drive1.jpg

Life at Babes is big, exciting, and rewarding - so if you want to make a difference with our incredible tribe, check out our range of roles and see what fits you! (Applications are closing soon so get in quick...) 

And if you don't have the time to volunteer right now, please consider a financial contribution to our vital work. Our campaign The is now closed but you can donate or commit to monthly giving here (Give $50 a month or more, and you'll join our 600+ Club - with plenty of perks!) 

Fair to say, 2019 has started better than our crossed fingers and hope-filled hearts could have imagined - be part of a huge year as we prepare to support and empower more new mamas than ever, in our tenth year of Babes!