Introducing The Babes Project Frankston!


Three years ago we announced that The Babes Project would be looking to expand it's pregnancy support service to the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region. We didn't anticipate the challenges that we would need to overcome to make this a reality, but three years on we are excited to share our new Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre with you! 

We have learnt much about our service, our team and the Frankston area in this time, which means we are opening this service with a consolidated understanding of the demographic we are reaching and the service we offer. 


To be completely honest, there were times when we thought the Frankston Pregnancy Centre may not eventuate. We had been running an outreach service for 18 months which gave us insight into the great need in the area. How could we walk away from that? With every obstacle, came a new story of a woman in the Frankston area who really needed our service. And so we kept going. We kept pursuing this because we cannot deny women support when they are asking for it. 


This building popped up in an email alert at the last minute. We were about to sign a lease on a building we weren't happy with and suddenly we had another option. A beautiful option and within a week we had signed this lease. 


The Frankston space is different to the open layout of Croydon. It is a house that has been used for consulting rooms since the mid-eighties. It was well cared for and the perfect set up for The Babes Project to move straight in. With 6-8 rooms to furnish, it was our priority to ensure every space was a warm, friendly and safe environment for women.


One of our favourite spaces at the Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre, is the nursery. As soon as we saw this tiny room, we knew it would make the perfect nursery.

This space serves two purposes. Firstly the nursery is the perfect setting to model some of the practical parts of parenting such as changing a nappy, safe sleeping and wrapping etc. And secondly it is our way of showing the women we work with that they do not need to spend large amounts of cash to create a beautiful space for their baby. This entire nursery was created for under $400 and we love it! 

IMG_0770a.jpgThanks to The Bunting Collection for the gorgeous bunting in our nursery. This really is the sweetest space which we hope will help women prepare for and adjust to the needs of their newborn. We love that we can demonstrate some of these practical tasks rather than just telling women what to do.

And so there she is... The Babes Project's Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre! It might have taken three years to become a reality, but we think she was worth the wait!