Women celebrating women - and then some!


A couple of our Mamas and their gorgeous bubs on IWD2018, celebrating with Helen and Jordan. Photography by Miranda Mayle.

It's a common joke that the opposite is true in the big bad world, but here at The Babes Project, it really does feel like every day is International Women's Day.

That's because, every day we get to see first-hand the incredible fierceness, tenacity and capacity of our Mamas, when they're finally supported and allowed to embrace themselves, and their motherhood.  

BUT, we never mind an excuse to share their stories and success with a crowd - or crack the champers in their honour! (And of course, to remind everyone of just how far we have to go, to ensure every pregnant woman can be empowered for motherhood.)

So it was on International Women's Day Eve, Wednesday 7 March, that we gathered our community supporters, sponsors, health care partners, media and Babes family, for a Brunch and Bubbles event to celebrate Babes!

Even more exciting, the brunch was a chance to announce our newest family member! Jordan Ablett is already an amazing young woman, as an integration aide, model, community advocate and wife to AFL player Gary Ablett - now she's stepping into another spotlight as a Babes Ambassador.

So much to celebrate - and no doubt, everyone in the room was blown away by what Babes has achieved in nine short years. 


Jordan said she’d felt a natural affinity for The Babes Project, after hearing about our history, and work with more than 500 women to take confidence in their pregnancy and motherhood.

“I’m so excited to be entrusted with such an amazing responsibility – I absolutely love the heart behind The Babes Project, and I can see the genuine love and passion that the team has for the mamas they work with every day,” she told the brunch gathering.

Mamas Ashlee and Andreza also shared their stories, finding support and acceptance at Babes when they needed it most. 

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WEB_-_Vienna_and_Isabella.jpg WEB_-_Bub.jpg   

“When I found out that I was pregnant, the first thing I did was Google ‘support pregnant women’, and I found Babes!” Andreza said.

“There are so many different problems in pregnancy, and when they say that it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a village to birth a child as well, because if women do not feel supported, then things get pretty complicated.”

“Just knowing that The Babes Project is there and are my first call if I ever need anything is a really big thing for me.”

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Finally, the morning was a chance to share more big Babes news - our new App, now available on App Store for iPhone!

Helen said International Women’s Day was the perfect opportunity to preview the technology, based on our crisis pregnancy perinatal program, but relevant for all pregnant women, and to share its potential for a big Babes future.

“Campaigns for social change often focus on equality for women in the workforce, but our community is also failing women in their oldest role – motherhood,” she said.

“Negative attitudes around having children at a young age, or without a partner, or in a range of challenging situations, are often leaving women to raise children alone and vulnerable – and that’s a bad outcome for the mother, and for the baby.”

“The theme of International Women’s Day 2018 is #PressforProgress, and The Babes Project wants to kickstart social change for mothers – and it can begin with the push of button!”


So, big love and thanks to all the women who supported our International Women's Day Brunch, Bubbles, Babes event. Especially to incredible Babes event extraordinaire Emma, who makes the magic happen, and to all the Babes family - including Jordan! - who took time out to make the morning run so smoothly. 

With so much love, determination, and optimism in the room, IWD2018 was just a taste of so much to come for The Babes Project.