Mother's day brunch

IMG_0164a.jpgMother's Day is such a favourite time for us here at The Babes Project. What a beautiful opportunity to honour the women who mother little ones, sometimes in the face of challenging circumstances. This week our Croydon team hosted a brunch to celebrate the women we meet and it was beautiful. 
These week old little ones came along and because they were born only hours apart we couldn't resist having them hang out together.


We love staying in touch with the women who have graduated from The Babes Project. We love hearing their stories of mothering toddlers and growing families. We love stories of new career paths, rebirthed dreams, home businesses and study. 
And it's even better for the women currently in our program to hear these stories; to know that seasons of Motherhood shift and change.  So we had two women from previous years Stephanie (2012) and Hannah (2013-14) share their stories. And they were champions! It was amazing to sit back and hear how they have navigated their motherhood journey, which whilst not always easy, they have done beautifully.  


And Hannah now has her own home business and made adorable cookies for our brunch as a gift to everyone. So fun! We love her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
Check out her Facebook page Rolling Pin Cookies


We love all of these women and no matter her circumstances we know each of them has such a huge amount of love for their little ones... It is quite remarkable to be a part of.