We're Stronger When We Partner With: Eat For You

We're so excited to have another young and game-changing company on our side, partnering with us to give women the support they need.

Eat for You produce food that fosters health and wellbeing. They create organic, nutrient dense, delicious food and DIY recipes, using only whole food ingredients to support you and your family.

Founded by Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD, Eat for You is supported by science that makes sense. They believe that nutritious food and good health is a fundamental human right, and that our behaviour impacts others - which is why both The Babes Project and Eat For You exist - to have an impact. 

They value transparent and authentic relationships, time with family, and sustainability - like we do. 

It is so important to us to partner with companies that have good values behind them, and who do what they do with the intention to make change.


In partnership with The Babes Project, Eat for You are generously donating their Lemme Feel Well wholefood bites to our pregnancy packs, and supplying their bites to our group meals across all of our sites.

The Lemme Feel Well bites were designed to support women who are experiencing morning sickness, by providing a dose of ginger that can relieve symptoms. But - these bites and bars can be enjoyed by anyone. They are proving to be a favourite among Eat for You customers! 

They also have some incredible resources on their website for pregnant mamas, such as 'The science behind nausea and vomiting of pregnancy', and 'Self-managing your nausea symptoms'. 

You can learn more about Eat for You at and follow them on socials @_eatforyou on Instagram and on Facebook for more information on nutrition and women's health.