When it's never mattered more, will you stand up for vulnerable mums?


Amidst all the tough, strange and downright horrible aspects of terrible 2020, we've all seen one reliable bit of normality. 

Babies just kept being born.  

Lockdowns across Melbourne meant for the first time in 11 years, The Babes Project had to close our physical doors to vulnerable pregnant women and new mums.

But like the babies, we didn’t stop. 

And after nearly nine months of delivering remote perinatal support to vulnerable women and their bubs, we're finally welcoming them back into our centres, and supporting them to recover from lockdown experiences that left them more isolated, traumatised and at-risk.

Now, post-pandemic and into the future, we need to keep the doors open.

And to do it, we need your support for 1 Million for Mums

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As restrictions ease, we need to step up our support, and nurture new mums hit hard by social isolating, and by countless other factors that are unfair, alienating, and so often out of their control.

As our founder and CEO Helen Parker says, “These many months of lockdown have confirmed what Babes always knew – the best support for new mums in crisis is face-to-face, in a safe space.”

Amidst the tough conditions, The Babes Project is determined that we can be tougher still.

We need to be, for so many vulnerable women and their families, at the most vital point of their lives.

Now, as we begin the recovery ourselves, The Babes Project is asking Australians to step up, so that
pregnant women and new mothers always know where to turn to for help.

We launched our 1 Million for Mums fundraising campaign in March, after a tough start to 2020 with bushfires impacting regular revenue streams (yep, that happened this year!)

And now we're relaunching, with the same million dollar dream, and a short-term goal to raise $110,000 by December 31 to ensure our operations for 2021.

If you've emerged from lockdown valuing community more than ever – this is your opportunity to help build it back better.

Supporting Babes means supporting a woman at her most vulnerable, and has the biggest impact for her and her new baby.

Every donation over $2 is tax deductible, and every single bit makes a huge difference to ensuring Babes can continue.

Please visit 1 Million for Mums to learn more about our work, and about the vital part you can play in giving the next generation their best future, no matter where it starts.