Rewriting Motherhood


The Babes Project works with women during the Perinatal period. 
Rewriting Motherhood is our project which tells the stories of women we have met.

There is so much in our everyday lives telling us what motherhood should look like, feel like and be like, shaping an expectation of motherhood that isn't always realistic or even achievable. When our experience doesn't reflect that expectation we can find ourselves feeling unworthy and incompetent. 

This is not okay. And so The Babes Project is attempting to shift society's understanding and experience of Motherhood by sharing authentic stories and images of mothers. 

The Babes Project is rewriting the motherhood experience so all women can find her place as a mother.  

This is close to our hearts and so we have a project team working hard to relay these stories of diversity and courage.

These stories are told by interview, photos and poetry. We visit women in their homes and spend a couple of hours with them listening and documenting her story. It is our hope that by digging deep, hearing about her experiences and sharing it, that other women can find a piece of themselves. That they can relate to something in another woman's story. 


Every woman we work with at The Babes Project is amazing and shows great courage and resilience. Not all of their stories will be told through the Rewriting Motherhood Project due to privacy and ensuring all the women we meet are safe. But the stories we do share are just a small insight into the world of many Mothers. 

Helen and Emma from the Babes team are joined by Photographer Dannii from Kipindi and poet Joel McKerrow.