Keep Us Here for Her: Save Babes Frankston


"When I brought Lilly home... getting to that point took so much support and reassurance. The Babes Project was a safe space for me, and that’s how I want my family to be for our baby too.” - Georgia, Frankston Babes mama, 2021

Five years. 

That's how long The Babes Project has been creating a safe space for pregnant women and new mothers at our Frankston Pregnancy Support Centre. 

For five years, we've been here for her. 

Here to congratulate pregnant women and new mums – often when no one else is.

Here for the practical preparation to calm confusion, overwhelm and anxiety.

Here building the trust that means she can finally take action against domestic abuse.

Here as the birth partner in the labour ward when there is no one else.

Here to connect her with safe housing, and a secure future.

And here as a life-changing advocate for pregnant women and new mothers right through the perinatal period.

Now more than ever, we need you to be here for her too. 

Can you help us Save Babes Frankston?


Our Save Babes Frankston appeal needs to raise between $100,000 by Mother’s Day, so women can access free perinatal support when they need it most, and thrive in motherhood.

And the appeal looks a bit different for us. 

The pandemic has dismantled so many of our fundraising streams - and we need you to help us with the asking. 

When you visit our Save Babes Frankston page, you can register as a fundraiser - and ask your friends and family to support this cause too. 

We've love you to get creative - whether it's host an event, get sponsored for your steps, or take your talents on the road!  

The funds will ensure we can pay our rent, and keep doors wide open at our safe and vital crisis pregnancy support centre in Frankston.

Our dedicated team at Frankston has already welcomed more than 350 pregnant women and new mothers since 2016, facing tough circumstances including family breakdown, domestic and family violence, homelessness, addiction, isolation and mental health issues.

And the past year has been tougher than ever for vulnerable mums.

Babes founder and CEO Helen Parker is asking the community to rally around these women, and ensure Babes stays open to meet growing demand.  

“We launched our Frankston centre because we saw a need for young families in this community, and a vision of better futures where new mothers were supported, prepared and empowered for motherhood,” she said.

“So many generous people across Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula have helped us start that work – and that has transformed lives for women in our program.

"What would motherhood look like for vulnerable women without the support of The Babes Project? It's something we don't want to consider.

“But right now, our work is needed more than ever, as the past year has left young families more isolated, struggling more with mental health issues, and needing more support to survive now, so they can thrive in their futures.”   

So please help keep our doors open, donate and be here for local families desperate to get the best start to raising their babies.

Donate and register to fundraise at Save Babes Frankston now, and please share the campaign as far and wide as you can.