Sharing stories for a nation

“I had this view of what everyone else thinks that motherhood should be like, or what it has to be like, and I definitely didn’t fit."

It's a story we hear so often at the Babes - of women told they're not good enough, not prepared enough, not right for motherhood. 

And in this era of comparison and competition at the swipe of a news feed, it doesn't take much for pregnant mamas to internalise the message - "everyone else is doing it right, and I'm doing it wrong".

At Babes, we know there's a million ways to approach motherhood - and not the critics, nor the glossy magazines, nor even super-expensive cot companies that have the right to claim the "right" one.

In our video Motherhood Moments, pregnant teenager Emily shares how isolating it felt to be outside of the “traditional” image of motherhood - and how hearing about other mums like her changed everything.

“Just being with The Babes Project, learning more about other people’s stories and how I’m not the only one, I feel a lot more confident in myself.”

Earlier this year, The Babes Project was lucky to get Cadence Media on board for some video storytelling - and the results were heart-exploding. 

Three brave mamas joined us to share their stories - facing motherhood, and finding support at Babes. 

Each one in very different - and equally tough - circumstances, they thrived as they discovered that they weren't alone. 

Not only was Babes on hand with support, education, and vital preparation for bub's arrival, but Vienna, Rachelle and Emily could seize their new roles knowing so many other brave and determined mamas had forged the same path before them. 

And although there were tears as they told their stories, these generous women were committed to adding their voice to the chorus, of lifting pregnant women up, and empowering them through real-life stories. 

And when we previewed the video at our Rewriting Motherhood Forum in May, plenty more tears flowed as a room full of mothers recognised their own battles, and victories, in the words of the three mamas. 

We hope you love our Motherhood Moments video series - which we're releasing as we take our support services national. 

There's still so many women throughout Australia going it alone, and with no one to empower them on the journey.

Now, we're just a phone call (1300 140 212) or App download (The Babes Project on Apple Store) away for all pregnant women and new mamas. 

While every story is just one woman's journey, together they're a force for changing the way our nation approaches and supports motherhood. 

Please share our stories far and wide, and we can't wait to welcome women from across Australia to the Babes family.