Make 2019 your year to make The Biggest Difference


For too many Australian women, the experience of pregnancy and new motherhood puts them at their most vulnerable.

But with the right support at this crucial time, these vital months can also be the most transformative – for new mamas doing it tough, and for their babies.

When any of us think about how we impact the world, we want to know our offering will make the biggest difference possible. 

And at Babes, we truly believe that's our support program – therapeutic, responsive and on-going, through pregnancy and for the first year of baby’s life for any Australian mother that needs a hand up.

Now, through our campaign The Biggest Difference, The Babes Project invites all Australians to stand with our brave mamas, and be part of the transformation. That's right, it's time to tick off your biggest New Year's resolution - right now! (And it might even give your Christmas shopping a boost, too!)


Your contribution on our Raisely page, no matter what size, can help make the biggest difference for pregnant women and new mothers, and ensure our next generation gets the best possible start in life. (And any contribution of $2 or more is tax deductible!)

The Biggest Difference campaign aims to raise $120,000, to fund new places for women in The Babes Project’s 21-month perinatal program.

Rest assured, every dollar you give goes directly into our unique initiatives, and makes a tangible impact for women facing crisis and challenging pregnancies.

Here's just a few examples of what your contribution can achieve:

$50 – Fills a new nappy bag with essential items, and helps a pregnant mama feel prepared for what’s ahead – practically, and emotionally.  

$150 – Ensures a new mother stays connected with her community, and gets a good feed, throughout pregnancy and in bub’s first year! Fortnightly lunch and social support sessions build networks and trust, provide extra access to our Pregnancy Support Workers, and set a standard for healthy and delicious eating!  

$200 – Gets one mum through our series of expert workshops, including nutrition and exercise education, baby massage, sleep and settling, finance and education planning, and personal development, ensuring the new mama is prepared and excited for the challenges ahead.

$500 – Gives a pregnant women extra encouragement to attend health care appointments, and to make vital preparations. Babes’ Incentive Program provides large baby items like cots, prams and car seats as required, as a pregnant mum achieves key preparation milestones.   

$1500 – Funds the full perinatal program for one woman for up to 21 months, including all appointments with Pregnancy Support Workers, workshops, community and social events, practical supplies, labour support as required, and costs associated with The Babes Project ongoing operations.   


In the past year, The Babes Project has supported nearly 250 women facing challenges including mental health issues, social isolation, drug and alcohol habits, and domestic or family violence, with 140 progressing through our full perinatal program.

Without Babes, they would have suffered a fraught pregnancy with little support in their battles, and with no practical or emotional preparation for bub's arrival.

Every day, more science tells us that ensuring a mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing is vital to the healthy development of her child, in the womb and through infancy. We're determined to ensure both mother and baby have the best possible start to their journey together.

If you want 2019 to be your year for making the biggest difference, be part of that best possible start right now – support Babes and pledge to make The Biggest Difference for so many beautiful lives to come. 

(And even better, wear your support on your sleeve - or your coffee cup! We've just launched a range of new items in our online shop, including men's and women's t-shirts, baby onesies, and reusable coffee cups. They'd make wonderful gifts, or put one under the tree for yourself, knowing the proceeds support Babes' great work. Shop Now!)

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Stunning images of our mamas and bubs by Miranda Mayle Photography