Thanks is not enough



There's not enough words to tell you how grateful we are. 

Our dream of The Babes Project Cairns has become a reality - and it's because of our incredible, generous and faithful Babes tribe. 

Together, we raised a huge $68,573 to ensure that our new Cairns centre not only opened, but it will thrive. 

We can say thank you a million times, but really, it's the work that will speak the most. 



Our founder and CEO Helen Parker travelled to Cairns for the opening, with our world-changing leadership team Emma Rowland, Bec Gerbert, and Holly-Joy Petty. 

On the ground, our new centre manager Cristy Mock had been prepping for weeks.

Even before doors were officially open, Cristy has been working with pregnant women, with The Babes Project’s first Cairns baby Sophie Rose arriving for mum Anita a week before the opening.

And the beautiful opening - with Cairns mamas, bubs, supporters and health care workers - could not have been more perfect. 

Helen explains: "It was so emotional and such a beautiful time. We took 150kg of Babes luggage... I loved that all our Babes “stuff” was going to such a new area. It felt like a whole lot of hope was on the way!"

"We had so much interest from local frontline workers, and from the media. Seeing Cristy do so well under media pressure was wonderful, to see her powerfully articulate the importance of Babes for Cairns mamas."

Our new centre is on Sheridan St, and will initially be open two days a week, with room to grow as demand increased. 

So many people thanked us so sincerely during that first week of excitement, which followed our 34 day crowdfund, and (appropriately!) nine huge months of preparation. 

So we say thank you, and believe us, we're already working as hard as we can to show Cairns every ounce of your generosity. We know it will deliver so much, and help ensure so many new mamas are supported and empowered for the journey ahead. Just like you've supported and empowered us.