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Photo: Miranda Mayle

When you find out someone is pregnant, it is a beautiful thing to be excited about the gorgeous gifts to celebrate a new baby. You might imagine a nursery filled to the brim with blankets, cute outfits and soft toys ready to greet the little one home. Every new parent and baby deserve all they need to thrive in life, including safe furniture and warm clothing. 

Here at Babes, we love to shower our mamas with the things she needs on her pregnancy and parenting journey. And while this can be in the form of a brand new nappy bag or car seat, we know there’s so much more to motherhood than that. Luckily, so do our mamas!

Photo: Miranda Mayle

Thanks to a recent survey in the last financial year, our mamas have told us just how valued our education services are; in fact, antenatal education is the number one reason mamas participate in the Babes program!

And while important, the need for material aid was considerably lower than all of the other services and supports the program offers!

Luckily for us, our unique and proven perinatal program ensures that our mamas feel prepared and confident that they will be able to successfully meet the many hurdles of parenting.

Our tailored program offers life skills, antenatal and early parenting education that empowers women to feel safe, nurtured and supported, despite any crisis in their lives that may make them otherwise vulnerable. 

That’s why we’re so excited about recovering from the challenges of 2020 so we can continue doing where we're here for.

Because we know what we are doing works, we want to keep being able to offer the education and support that is so needed around the country.

You can help be part of the solution for many Australian mums and their babies by donating here, because every dollar counts.

Contributions of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Please make a stand for The Babes Project, and let vulnerable women know that they’ll always have somewhere to turn.