Together we’re so much better


At The Babes Project, every day we see the huge difference we’re making to women facing crisis pregnancy, and their families, and communities.

Across our 18-month free program of regular support and relentless love, we witness our perinatal care transform women - from overwhelmed, scared, vulnerable and desperate in their early pregnancy, to confident, secure, and prepared for loving motherhood. 

Our unique therapeutic support model is empowering, and can help halt the cycle of poverty, insecurity and trauma that undermines the healthy development of so many children.

Babes can make this massive impact thanks to generous and ongoing giving from our incredible tribe of supporters.

And it’s not enough that we see the difference we make – we want every one of you to see it too!


Joining The Babes Project’s 600+ Club ensures that we can continue and grow our support for vulnerable pregnant women – and it gives you a unique insight into driving real and meaningful social change for women, families, and communities.

We want you to be part of our impact – and take a mountain-moving role at the forefront of transforming our world, to ensure all women are empowered through pregnancy and as they prepare for parenting.

To join our 600+ Club, supporters can commit to investing $50 or more every month. Monthly donors are a vital part of The Babes Project operations, and of how we plan for most efficient and effective service delivery.

By choosing to give a regular monthly donation, you commit to giving children the best possible start in life, as The Babes Project equips their families with the skills, information, supplies and emotional development to care for them, and thrive with them.  

At the same time, The Babes Project makes commitments to you:

- You’ll receive a copy of our Rewriting Motherhood book, featuring moving and inspirational stories of our impact so far.

- You’ll have a front-row seat as our service grows, flourishes and celebrates our progress, with exclusive 600+ Club priority access to a range of events.

- Discounts for our online shop, including our Rewriting Motherhood book and tshirts, so you can wear your commitment loud and proud!

- Quarterly updates on the impact of your investment.

- Exclusive access to tour one of pregnancy support centres (at Croydon or Frankston), alongside other 600+ Club supporters at pre-scheduled events throughout the year.

Not ready to give monthly? You can have the same impact – and get the same 600+ Club benefits – by making a one-time donation of $600 or more!

We know you work hard, and you want your money to do the same. At The Babes Project, we make sure that every cent is an investment – ensuring a better life for more than a hundred newborns every year.

We look forward to welcoming you to the coalface of building a better world. When our mothers thrive, our society thrives – and The Babes Project knows we can make that difference, together.

Join our 600+ Club today and start seeing benefits straight away - for you and for our next generation!


**Big love to Miranda Mayle Photography for these gorgeous shots of some of our mamas and bubs!**