Babes labour prep to help every new mum


From the earliest days of The Babes Project, we’ve worked to prepare and empower women for pregnancy and motherhood, in the face of every kind of crisis.

But it shouldn’t take a crisis to connect new mamas with the information and advice they need to feel confident for their journey.  

With more than a decade of experience providing perinatal support, Babes knows that countless pregnant women feel underprepared for labour, birth, and beyond.

And feeling disempowered during labour and birth can have negative impacts for how women connect with their baby, and engage with health care, for years to come.

That’s why we’ve created Labour Education, by The Babes Project.

MKM20190211112005_(1).jpgBabes has more than a decade of experience supporting and preparing new mamas to bring their babies into the world. 

Our first publicly-available online course covers what you need to know about labour and childbirth, to make an empowered plan for bringing your baby into the world.

Presented by some of our amazing Babes team, this video-based course guides pregnant women and their birth supporters through what to expect, how to prepare, and where decisions prior to birth and during labour can have the most impact.

Babes founder and CEO Helen Parker says online education builds on the Babes mission to empower all new mums.

“This new part of The Babes Project is where we want to share knowledge and confidence with all women all over Australia, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Labour Education,” she said.  

With straightforward, punchy and practical advice that’s specific to Australian hospitals and health care, participants can access the course anytime to understand each vital stage and option, and work through creating the best birth plan for them.


Proven to prepare

Labour Education is adapted from The Babes Project's proven Perinatal Support Program, that’s already helped more than 1000 women prepare for childbirth, and overcome fears, concerns, and challenges around their pregnancy, delivery and parenting.

Flexible and self-paced

Complete 55 short lessons in about two hours online, with unlimited access to absorb information and complete printable planning worksheets at your own pace, when it suits you.

Value for you, vital for Babes

At just $59.00, we’ve ensured this comprehensive course is affordable for everyone. And choosing this course helps The Babes Project provide free perinatal support for pregnant women and new mums doing it tough right across Australia.

Make empowered decisions for your labour and birth, and make a difference for your fellow mums, too. Sign up for Labour Education, by The Babes Project here.