Grateful with grit in 2021!


Babes tribe, we are here. 

And let's face it, after the year that was, just that feels like an achievement. We are so grateful. 

But you know us - at Babes, we are always determined to achieve more, for every mama doing it tough!

In February last year, our "more" plans prompted us to launch 1 Million for Mums. Funding for our vital service was already shifting due to bushfires, and that big goal was aimed to prioritise stability, and ability to plan long-term. 

Of course, the months that followed threw stability out the window, and not just for us. Financial priorities for so many Australians shifted.

Amazingly, we were still able to raise $95K in ten months of this campaign.

THANK YOU for your contributions - without you we wouldn't be able to support so many mums and their babies.

Now as we plan for post-COVID survival and recovery we have decided that this campaign no longer fits with our fundraising priorities, and we are closing the 1 Million for Mums fundraiser site this week.

But we won't stop pursuing "more" with every bit of grit and determination we can muster.

Because for Babes, "more" means every pregnant woman and new mother getting the support she needs. 

And we need your help more than ever to make it happen. 

We'll have more news on where Babes needs targeted financial support in 2021. (Or we're always open for donations here!) 

And if you're ready to step up now - our first volunteer intake for 2021 is open!

We have roles across Croydon, Frankston and Cairns, and your passion for supporting women is needed more than ever - so please consider applying before February 7, or share with anyone you know who might fit. 

It's also a great time to find out more about our work - as we find new ways to connect right across the Australian community. 

In December, our founder Helen Parker shared how Babes stepped up during the Melbourne lockdown, with ABC Babytalk podcast - listen here!



Then if you've been bingeing new Aussie drama Bump, it's time to explore the realities of crisis pregnancy!

Helen shared her thoughts in this piece for ABC Everyday.

So rest assured, Babes tribe - there is plenty of good news! And if our stories mean something to you, we'd love you to share them with your community too - if that's on social media, remember to tag us! 

No matter how you've stepped up for us for the past year, it has meant the world to Babes, and to every woman we support.

And rest assured, whatever you give, we match with grit for the job ahead, and so much gratitude.  

All images by Miranda Mayle Photography