More powerful together - and mamas know it!


STRONG AND BRAVE: We're all about making women more powerful at Babes - to make motherhood the best it can be! Images by Miranda Mayle Photography

The importance of motherhood often gets lost in the talk of boardrooms and brunches and ballyhoo of International Women's Day.

But the national theme for this year's one-day celebration of half the population really hit home at The Babes Project - it's "More Powerful Together", and it's a truth that we're living every day. 

Babes is founded on the ideal of women working together, and just how strong our society could be if all women were supported and empowered in their motherhood. 

That's why we're so proud of how far we've come in the past decade of Babes - and of every woman who put her hand up to say that she wanted to own motherhood, and she wanted our support to do it.




Right now, the Babes team is supporting 81 women through their perinatal period - a huge feat on its own!

But it's not enough to just be there for women - like motherhood, so much is happening around the edges (mental load mania, amirite mamas?!)

We've just closed applications for new volunteers across a range of roles, we're scrambling to cover a few big gaps left by departing team members (to travel and motherhood, happy trails to you all!), and as always we're working hard to balance budgets - and we'd love your help! Our 600+ Club is always looking for new members to commit $50 a month (tax deductible!) to our not-for-profit cause, or we'd love you to give what you can at any time. 


Even if you didn't mark International Women's Day, you've probably seen the transformative power of nurturing support in some aspect of your life. 

Supporting The Babes Project supports women who are at their most vulnerable, and yet who have the most potential to shape new lives for the better. And what could be more powerful than that?