Forget glossy - our magazine mamas are strong and striving


STORIES TO INSPIRE: Cristina, with little ones Eden and Peter, is a Babes graduate and the cover mama of our Rewriting Motherhood e-zine. Photography by Miranda Mayle

When The Babes Project set out on our Rewriting Motherhood mission three years ago, we wanted to challenge the narrow mainstream stereotype of motherhood. 

Day in, day out, we were working with incredible new mothers who were facing every type of challenge in their pregnancy and parenting, and bravely striving for the best for their little families. 

Their decisions and dedication were rarely celebrated, however - and too often, they were denigrated as "not enough". 

Babes mamas might not fit the "good mother" stereotype that society idolises, but Babes has seen just how they can transform lives for themselves and those around them, with the right support.

In 2017, our first Rewriting Motherhood book told the stories of ten of these transformative women, and their achievements still resonate with and inspire hundreds of mothers we work with every year. 

In 2018, we invited our communities to be part of the conversation, hosting the first Rewriting Motherhood Forum, and giving a platform to Babes participants, supporters, and diverse mothers who wanted a voice.  

Now this year we're launching a Rewriting Motherhood ezine - a free online magazine that grows the storytelling and celebration of Rewriting Motherhood. 

Available via our Babes Shop, the e-zine is a preview of a full e-mag and printed mag, available to celebrate our 10th birthday at the end of June. 


BRIGHT FUTURES: Some of the Babes mums who feature in our e-zine, with their little ones, and some Babes exec. 

As well as celebrating our Babes mamas, and telling some of their stories, this installment of Rewriting Motherhood also pulls back a curtain on Babes operations - how we forge partnerships in health care, business and the community to ensure our programs are the best they can be. 

Read about how tooshies by TOM discovered our work and rallied to get on board (shop their planet-friendly range before May 31 and they'll donate a pack of nappies to a Babes mama for every order!) Meet some long-time supporters (and discover the benefits of becoming a 600+ Club donor!) 

You can also hear how the beautiful range in our online shop goes directly to ensure our doors stay open, while making you and your loved ones look that bit more fancy!


LABEL SHAKERS: Our Babes merch offers a positive message, and helps continue our positive impact.  

So please, take the time to order our free Rewriting Motherhood e-zine, and read about the progress of some incredible mothers, and of our incredible little organisation. 

As we head towards our 10th birthday, we've never had a bigger story to tell, or a better reason to tell it. 


A STORY WORTH TELLING: Vanessa, with her little ones Lexie and DJ, shares her tough journey in Rewriting Motherhood.