Vote now to boost Babes' mission and mamas!


Mothers. They’re incredible.

That was our absolute core belief when we first started The Babes Project - and ten years working with pregnant and new mums doing it tough has only made us more certain.

Mums have so much power and potential to build a better world around them, even when that world has dealt them a pretty rough start.

As we support and empower hundreds of mamas every year through our holistic perinatal program, we see them transform their lives, nurture their families, and thrive in motherhood.

Babes is also dedicated to celebrating how much each of those women has achieved – and that’s why we’re so excited to be finalists in the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards, another national initiative celebrating everything mums can do!

From hundreds of mum-created businesses and programs, our Founder and CEO Helen Parker has made the final ten in the Making a Difference (Non-Profit) category, and the top 12 in the Women Will Change the World category.

It’s an exciting new opportunity to spread The Babes Project mission and message to other mums across Australia – especially as we prepare to open our first centre outside Victoria, with The Babes Project Cairns!

So please help us make the most of this opportunity to celebrate Babes’ mamas, and tell the nation about the vital importance of perinatal support, education and care.

You can vote for us to win the Making a Difference (Not for Profit) award until midnight on Sunday, August 11, ahead of the awards event on Friday, September 6. Once you follow the link you can find us in category #2 and we're number 3 - Helen Parker, The Babes Project. And you'll need to vote in other categories too, which is a great way to encourage other women succeeding in their space!

Achieving this recognition would help us reach new communities, attract new supporters to our work, and inspire more women to seek the support they need to thrive. 

Every day we see the huge impact of our work with new mamas. We want to shout from the rooftops about what these brave and determined women are achieving, and what’s possible for all mums with the right support, empowerment and belief. So please vote - and stay tuned for how we go at the AusMumpreneur Awards next month!