Seeing a community to believe in

MKM20190211132941.jpgHELP FOR REAL: Babes team member Emma prepares a new baby and mama basket. Photos by Miranda Mayle Photography.

It's something new mothers get sick of hearing: "There's plenty of help available."

Because while it might technically be true, it's not helpful - not when the onus is on the overwhelmed new mum to jump through hoops to access it, not when it's one-size-fits-all, and not when it never actually appears, anyway. 

It's knowing that feeling, of being helpless in the face of "available" help, that made Babes so determined to be on the front foot of providing support to new mamas. 

Our proven perinatal program includes real and tangible ways of helping women feel equipped and empowered.

But better than that, they also feel supported by the community around them, knowing the thoughtful care that's seen hundreds of people contribute to Equip a Babes Mama


Equip a Babes Mama is our annual drive to stock nappy bags and new baby baskets, presented to each pregnant mama as she progresses through our free perinatal program. 

The gift, thoughtfully curated by donors alongside our Babes team, can make a huge difference to the mama's journey, even as she feels overwhelmed by isolation and vulnerability, solo-parenting, navigating difficult relationships, lacking family support, struggling financially, or battling for better health.

Founder Helen Parker explains: "There’s nothing better than seeing a woman equipped and empowered on her mama journey... and this is your opportunity to give back to our mama community, to make sure this happens!"

"Our babes mamas come to us vulnerable and most often with limited supports, and we work super hard to ensure they have a safe space to plan for bub.

"Our nappy bags and new mamas baskets are a huge part of that, and this year we need a minimum of 50 of each... so that we can begin to support all the mamas we see at Babes."

If you can fill a bag yourself, or coordinate friends to fill a basket, here's some tips on what's involved.

If shopping isn't you're thing though, don't worry - you can still make a huge difference! Joining The Babes Project’s 600+ Club ensures that we can continue and grow our support for vulnerable pregnant women – and it gives you a unique insight into driving real and meaningful social change for women, families, and communities.

Commit to investing $50 or more every month, and commit to giving children the best possible start in life, as The Babes Project equips their families with the skills, information, supplies and emotional development to care for them, and thrive with them.  

We know you work hard, and you want your hard-earned to do the same. At The Babes Project, we make sure that every contribution - whether that's goods or dollars – ensure a better life for more than a hundred newborns every year.

When new mothers thrive, our community thrives – help Babes convince new mamas we're for real about making it better for all of us, and help us Equip a Babes Mama to prove it.