Equip a Babes Mama - FAQs

It does depend on where you shop and brands you purchase, but the contents of the basket does cost less than the nappy bag. 

We usually have a pretty even split, so we'll leave that up to you! And if you're unsure, just make up a neutral pack!

We like to keep each one the same so that each mama is receiving the same and because we use them as teaching tools about the perinatal period, each item is purposeful. So if you can please stick to the list that'd be great! If you have other new items to donate, please let us know via email [email protected] 

Yes, if you can that would be amazing! We work with over 120 women per year, so the more the better! 

As Mama would have just had bub, a loose nightie is a lovely idea. Generally size M or 12-16 is perfect, but if you want to purchase a different size that'd be super helpful too!

This year we're introducing a tracking process so we can let you know when your gift is given out, which is super fun! For privacy reasons we can't share details, but every mama is super grateful and moved by the generosity of the Babes community. Thanks for being wonderful :) 

No worries at all... some people mail or courier theirs in (nappy bags are heaps easier for this) or you can go to our donate page and make a donation towards equipping a babes mama. Just use the reference "EQUIP"