A fabulous four years


It has been four years since we took the boldest risk. Really. We had no idea how we would fund our centre or our program. But that was four fabulous years ago, and ever since we opened the doors of our first Pregnancy Support Centre in Croydon, The Babes Project has just grown from strength to strength. 

It was a sweet and humble beginning, and swinging those doors open for the first time is a great memory for us. We had a dream and a vision and we were passionate about ensuring it became a reality. But there was definitely a sense of naiveté about us... and maybe that's why it has worked. We just wanted the best for women; no ulterior motives.

The past four years have been such a great learning curve and have shaped The Babes Project into what it is today: an organisation working hard to ensure all women in this nation are empowered and supported in the Perinatal period. 

Our Croydon Hub continues to buzz; there is always a flow of women coming in and out. This is a safe space for each of them; a safe space to learn about what's ahead for them as mothers. It’s been beautiful to see this space grow and develop into a thriving environment where women access the care and support they need. 

And so naturally we want to reach more women - even just the women who we sometimes have to turn away. Last year we began to make waiting lists, which we just hated to do. But with 50 women being supported in one small centre, we were just maxed out. For the past two years we have also run a small service on the Mornington Peninsula for two years, that meets women in their homes. And so it makes sense to expand into this area. We have funded the first year of this service already and built up a team, but we are yet to find a suitable building. When we do, you'll be the first to know! And we will be partying!

It’s not all cuddling babies and amazing moments though. The reality is that it takes a lot more than a pack of nappies and a kind word to help women navigate the challenges they face as they transition into motherhood. The Program Development team have spent many hours reviewing and refining The Babes Project Perinatal Program, consulting with other professionals to ensure it is strong, consistent with the information women receive during their healthcare appointments and relevant to their needs. We have a responsibility to women to go further than the crisis she presents with and offer a solid program that truly equips her for pregnancy and parenting. 

We love the input of midwives, social workers and other agencies so we can ensure support is holistic and accessible. We love building relationships with local hospitals and Maternal Child Health Nurses so that women know we are all working together towards her goal of being the best mother she can be. We love showing women how valuable and strong they are.

And so, from our sweet and humble beginnings, we have grown in leaps and bounds to provide a professional, holistic, supportive service for women facing crisis pregnancy. But for all our growth, we are still the same: passionate about doing what it takes to ensure women are supported well in their pregnancy and as they become mothers. 

Thanks for following The Babes Project story. We took a risk and it has been worth it. Women are getting the support they need and deserve. The first four years since we opened our doors have indeed been fabulous; and we know they are just the beginning.