Honouring women the biggest honour


On top of the world, baby? We know how you feel! (Image by Miranda Mayle Photography.)


It's hard to find the words to sum up the start of our 2019 here at Babes, but we're gonna try - BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!

Let's start with some headlines - but stick with us to hear the amazing details, and how you can be part of the impact we're making for so many women, every day. 

First up, OUR FOUNDER IS AN OAM! OMG, right?! Nearly a decade after she first founded Babes, this month Helen Parker was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her service to pregnant women in need. And of course as CEO of The Babes Project, her service continues - let's all hope Helen's inclusion in the Australia Day 2019 Honours List means the nation is ready to get involved, too!   

Secondly, YOU'RE HEARING OUR CALL! The Biggest Difference campaign we launched at the end of 2018 is rolling on, and generous supporters have already committed $22,000 to grow our work, and reach even more women who need support. Of course, there's still a long way to go - we want to ensure as many vulnerable mamas as possible can access our 21-month perinatal program, and you can still commit to helping us make The Biggest Difference (just by clicking the link!)   


So, what does our big news mean for Babes in 2019?

Helen puts it best, that her national award (and the generosity of supporters old and new) is undeniable proof of our impact. 

"For me this is more than an individual award - the OAM gives recognition to The Babes Project for the work we do supporting women during the perinatal period, and finally giving them a voice," she said.

"It reminds us that the work we put in day in and day out, year upon year, is starting to sink in, for a society that knows things have to change for vulnerable women as they become mothers."

"Babes exists for those brave mamas, and really, that's the biggest honour for us - seeing them thrive in motherhood, knowing they're supported, and that someone believes in them."

Time and time again, that's what we hear from the pregnant women and mothers in our perinatal program - they just needed to be told they could do it.  

Yet for too many Australian women, their world is telling them they aren't enough, and their experience of pregnancy and new motherhood puts them at their most vulnerable.

Babes knows that with the right support at this crucial time, the perinatal months can also be transformative – for mothers doing it tough, and for their babies.

Every bit of support we can provide to women at this time is set to make The Biggest Difference, and we can provide as much as you're prepared to give!

So please check out our campaign The Biggest Difference to understand more about what your generosity can achieve, and help us continue the year as it's started - with plenty of "Wow!" for women right across Australia, as the world realises what they're capable of in their motherhood.  


PS - We've got a chance to take make more headlines right now - and you can help! Helen has also been nominated for an Impact 25 Award! The Pro Bono Australia initiative recognises changemakers from a huge range of not-for-profit organisations, with public voting open here - but move quick, voting closes Thursday 31 January at 5pm!