Is it just us, or does this winter feel particularly cold and miserable?

(And not just the weather - although the mornings have been pretty grim!)

From downcast faces in the street, to the vicious national debate, and in news from around the world - suddenly, so much of it seems horribly depressing. 

Whether it's the terrible London fire, or terrorism, or just folks who can't get along, social problems can feel completely overwhelming. 

But at The Babes Project, we're working hard to help happy happen - and it's amazing the difference a bit of good news can make. 

That's why we try to share every bit of joy that comes into Babes world. And in case you've missed any, here's the wrap up below!

First up... baby number 32 in 2017! Hard to believe when the year's not even half-way through - so many more gorgeous bundles to come!


And of course, every week we're seeing more pregnant mamas as they progress on their journey.

In fact, things are so busy that we're extending our hours at both our Croydon and Frankston hubs from July!

190617_-_mum_28_weeks.jpg  190617_-_mum_32_weeks.jpg

The move will ensure we can get through our waiting list and work with more women, to provide a whole range of support and care.   

And of course, The Babes Project work isn't done when bub arrives - our perinatal model ensures new mothers keep getting the support they need for the first 12 months of bub's life (and of course, many mums keep in touch beyond that, too!)

An important part of our program is our regular family lunches for mothers and babies, held at both our centres.

It's a safe space for women to relax, eat, be creative, learn, share their experiences and meet other mamas. 


The mama above is pictured with her TWINS (and support worker Siobhan in the background!) - our Frankston centre team is thrilled to be part of this little family's incredible journey!

So, when you're thinking about everything that's wrong with the world, it's good to stop and reflect on what's going right with it. 

And especially when days are dark, it's the best time to shine a light on all the good work happening at Babes!


PS - the gorgeous family at the top of this story is Kim and her little ones, who feature in Rewriting Motherhood - to read their inspiring story and many others, head to our online shop and get a copy for yourself!