A million for mums - make your voice heard!


Motherhood makes women more vulnerable.

It’s not something we want to acknowledge – as women, or as a society.

But it's true. 

Women are more likely to face domestic violence when pregnant. One in five women experience perinatal depression. Primary caring can reduce earning capacity, and therefore independence. And in violent or abusive situations, children are too often turned hostages to make a woman stay.

At Babes, we've seen all those situations - and so many more - undermine a new mother's confidence, her security, and her ability to grow connection with her newborn. 

But we've also seen how pregnant women and new mothers, rise from the toughest situations, and thrive in their motherhood. 

They just need support at that most crucial, and most vulnerable time. And record numbers of women are reaching out for it. 

But without The Babes Project - where would they turn?

With your help to raise $1 million, Babes is determined to let them know we'll always be here for them. 

The Babes Project was established to fill a big gap for vulnerable women, across our community and social support systems.

And without us, that gap would be as much a chasm as ever.

Our not-for-profit organisation has never had permanent and ongoing funding, yet has grown across a decade via the generosity of passionate supporters, and via a range of government grants.

But the future for The Babes Project is as vulnerable as the thousands of women it has supported.

In 2019, we saw our biggest year ever, working with pregnant and new mums across Australia, as we opened The Babes Project Cairns, and grew our national triage service remotely via phone and online.

But to meet growing demand, and focus on operations, rather than fundraising, we need a game-changer - otherwise regular programming will be paused.

This year, The Babes Project is determined to raise $1 million, to ensure we can be there for every woman who needs help at her most vulnerable.

Yep, it's a big goal (our biggest yet!) But honest, what could be more important than our mothers?

Every year in Australia, thousands of women start motherhood unsupported, underprepared, and in fear for their safety and their security.

This complex issue can’t be fixed with a new pram, a temporary refuge, or a few birth classes.

Vulnerable pregnant and new mothers need ongoing support, space, and confidence to connect with and nurture their babies - and Babes has developed and tailored our vital service to meet these needs.

Our program allows women to grow trusting relationships in their communities, and to plan for hopeful futures.

It's a proven intervention that breaks cycles of family breakdown, community disconnect, and destructive behaviours, and allows hopeful and happy new families to thrive.

Your contribution to our campaign, no matter what size, can transform lives for vulnerable pregnant women, and help them become prepared, confident and empowered mothers.

Help The Babes Project support women when they need it most, and ensure Australia’s mothers are prepared and supported to give the next generation the best possible start in life.

Please support our $1 Million for Mums campaign, and help ensure all mums can thrive with their bubs.